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Genre: Hidden Object

It's time to check how good your eyesight is. You needn't go a doctor but just try your eyes at Mysteriez, a new fascinating Hidden Object game. Look around these countless rooms and find as many figures as possible created out of different objects. If you keep you accuracy high, you will be able to earn extra points. Explore its deserted, ominous but so magnetic places and have a lot of fun. Download Mysteriez game absolutely for free to plunge deep into mysterious world of the new Hidden Object title.

Title - Mysteriez Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Get delighted with Mysteriez, a Hidden Object game devised by Is your eyesight perfect? Let's check it now!
Mysteriez game





Are you tired of all the Hidden Object games that have the same plot, always some murders happening or some supernatural forces involved in mysterious events? Do you finally want to give your mind a piece of peace, and just do a little object hunt without having a tiring plot to distract you? If your answers are positive, then get ready for a brand new game coming from a renowned game developer team called Wellgames, and this game is quite simply named Mysteriez! If you are up for a number hunt and an old-fashioned game, then continue with reading the review!.. Read more

Mysteriez is a Hidden Object game made for one player only. This game can be classified as belonging to the Hidden Object games genre, but with elements of puzzle games and adventure games. This confirms that the gameplay of this game cannot be much different than that of other Hidden Object games. As this is a typical point and click game, where you will have to find the numbers from one to forty in order to complete the level. Unfortunately, this is at the same time the only plot, so don’t expect any twists or background stories. In this game, you find the numbers raging from one to forty, all displayed on a scene, either as mirrored numbers, or a mixture of several objects. What might be difficult and time consuming are honest mistakes - namely, if you miss the number by clicking anywhere on the scene, you will be taken ten seconds of precious time. There is no map, no journal, no fast travel system, no hint system, nothing that can help you speed up the game. The game itself is old-fashioned, so it is only logical that the stress in the game is put on finding the objects, not really on plot.

Another feature that Mysteriez can be graded on is the graphics. The graphics in this game are average, nothing special. The graphics and the textures are okay and clear, well designed and full of colors, but not perfect. There are several background themes, and we are sure that there is at least one that will fit you desires. The music in this game is not so good. Mysteriez has a lot of boring music; the sounds effects can be unnerving and repetitive. Since they are played on loop, one will have to turn off the sound sooner or later.

To sum up, Mysteriez is a single player Hidden Object/ Puzzle/ Adventure game which comes from Wellgames developing team, and it is an old -fashioned point and click adventure. The graphics and the gameplay are good, if not great, but the plot , that is the lack of it, and the music are some flaws of this game. You should definitely try out the free trial version, and if you liked it, then you can even purchase and play the full version of it. This is a special game, although it might not be so popular with the youngest of the gamers, it can be a good way to spend some of your time and enjoy it!



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