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Northmark: Hour of the Wolf game

Northmark: Hour of the Wolf

Dive into the gripping adventure in the new stimulating Board and Cards game Northmark: Hour of the Wolf. You may select either to play as a vigorous warrior, artful mage or almighty druid. Try to use all your wit and skills in Card games while you will be competing with other players. But playing the card game is not the only challenge in this awesome game. You will be exploring the magic kingdom and enjoying its wonderful scenery. Moreover you will fight with enemies that threaten your beautiful kingdom. Download the challenging Board and Cards game Northmark: Hour of the Wolf right now and totally for free.



Card based Role-playing Games are extremely popular all over the world. The thousands true RPG goers spend every evening playing the themed card sets. They can choose between various universes and favourite characters. The independent team of developers named Rake In Grass decides to make their own contribution to the world of card based RPGs. They have produced the video game titled as Northmark: Hour of the Wolf. Let us see what this release looks like... Read more

The thing we always begin with is a plot. Someone has attempted to kill the Duke by means of poisoned arrows. Fortunately, the offender had made a blunder and Duke stayed alive. Obviously, the evil forces will not stop until they will see the end of Duke! The gameplay starts within the fictional realm named Northmark. This kingdom has the most important features of any imaginary medieval world: sovereign and his retinue, the evil creatures carrying the aggressive plans and the hero – an ordinary dweller you are offered to play a role of. The maps are also suitable: enchanted forests, kingdom’s alleyways and hostile territories. As we can see the Northmark: Hour of the Wolf has everything to make you eager to start the quest. Right from the start you are able to choose your character between following available personages: warrior, druid and sorcerer. Each of them possesses the unique features, so, you should pick up the one that is considered the most appropriate in your opinion. Your journey begins right after clarifying with your playable character. In the course of your adventure the new details become clear. It seems the elves and dwarves are involved into the story of unsuccessful Duke’s murder. The only way to puzzle out this odd situation is to make a visit to the elves and dwarves belongings. It is a tough mission because these creatures will not surrender at discretion! You must fight your way through the hostile territories to reveal the truth. By the way, the combat system must be described more elaborately. As we have already mentioned, the gameplay of Northmark: Hour of the Wolf is card based and allows player to upgrade his own character that is a distinctive feature belongs to the RPG genre. As a result we have combined card based RPG game. The combat is represented by turn based card game. Two confronting parties divide the playground. Each of them has number of sidekicks. If all representatives of one side become defeated, another party considers to be a winner. The card is able to attack, defend from the enemy card and cure. Also, each card has a special ability. You must wait until stamina recharges before using this ability once again. In addition to that, the sorcery is always at your hand! There is nothing like getting rid of opponents’ cards by means of strong spells – it is quite enjoyable! However, beware the requital – your enemy can use the spells too! Character upgrading is represented by improving skills connected to the one of five elements: basic, fire, ice, poison, and magic. Choose the one you like and make it bright and shiny!

It is time to pay our attention to the video and audio aspects. The graphics are fine and colorful. Locations including picturesque mountain landscape, neglected deserts and woodland scenery are portrayed very well. Developers add the cutscenes: there is nothing groundbreaking concerning the visual effects, but these scenes are extremely important for understanding the storyline if you are going to plunge into it. The background music is quite suitable and undistinguished – just the way it must be.

Unfortunately, Northmark: Hour of the Wolf has one big disadvantage. It lacks of captivating writing! The presented lines of dialogs are weak and even ridiculous sometimes. Bad writing may ruin everything, no matter how great the other things arranged. It is true for this game.