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Odysseus: Long Way Home game

Odysseus: Long Way Home

Genre: Hidden Object

Will you help Odysseus return his dear Penelope in the new challenging Hidden Object game under the title Odysseus: Long Way Home? Set off to this exciting journey and dive into wonderful myths of Ancient Greece! You will encounter all legendary heroes of this period and deal with the cleverest puzzles. There are many interesting levels, where you get a lot of surprises. Players of all ages will like this beautiful and entertaining game! Download Odysseus: Long Way Home absolutely for free!

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Big Fish Games presents Odysseus: Long Way Home.  One more wonderful Hidden Object game to make you happy. The original storyline based on the History and Mythology which is good because you can play this game with your children and get them into the historical events. A story being a nice change from all the ghost-stories lately. This game is like a breath of fresh air among all those spooky and dark games about murders, curses and lost characters... Read more

The first thing you’ll like as soon as you start playing is the intro. It is very well done in this game, we loved how it opened. Seems like you are part of the army, makes you feel you were there. As for the things you won’t like is the lack of voice overs. During the game you can see the characters mouths move but have to read the written text.

The music and sounds are very well done.  But we are not quite sure if it is appropriate for the game because you are part of the army camped outside the gates of Troy and at one stage the music made us feel like dancing a polka and this would, we think, be more suited for after the battle had been won!

Odysseus: Long Way Home is a good example of how graphics should look like. Wonderful, beautiful scenery, crisp and clear graphics of this game fascinate you.

The gameplay is pretty easy and the hard core players may be a little disappointed. But sometimes it is nice to have a game that you can slowly go through without having to look at the strategy guide or walkthrough a lot or have to strain your eyes looking in a ridiculously dark scene. Mini games also started out to be pretty easy but got more difficult as the game progressed.

All in all Odysseus: Long Way Home is definitely a good way to spend your free time. Even if it is not a great game, it is not a bad one either, so check it out, you might enjoy it!