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Old Clockmaker's Riddle game

Old Clockmaker's Riddle

Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

Discover new unique and entertaining Match 3 game Old Clockmaker’s Riddle and dive into the world of magic and unrevealed secrets. You have to break the curse and let the town live its peaceful life again! Right after you have solved all the challenging puzzles, you will be able to brick the curse and make tower's clock work again! Return the city its beauty and life. Download Old Clockmaker’s Riddle right now and totally for free, spend your free time with this colorful game. Good luck!




Old Clockmaker’s Riddle is an all-new title released by Vamireh Underground Team. This is a totally different Match-3 game wrapped up in the Hidden Object graphics, which is great... Read more

To start with, this story runs on a town that has been devastated. So, your prime object is to restore one building at a time, until the entire town is restored. Lots of challenging puzzles and intriguing secrets are waiting for you in Old Clockmaker’s Riddle.

Being a Match-3 installment by origin, this game often goes like a classical Hidden Object puzzle. Nevertheless, the core gameplay is mainly based on match-3 puzzles, which are always fun to solve. The best thing about this games is that we have the option to play timed or untimed. The main match-3 boards are easy for the first 5 or so houses, however the bonus levels offers more of a challenge. There are “only” 50 levels in the game, yet the levels can last quite long as it all depends on your experience. Anyway, you can replay previous levels in order to more points.

The artwork will surely appeal to the players, as soon as they see the sinister villain lurking on the streets of the town. The music really fits the theme but still becomes irritating after a while. The tiles on the boards are very easy to distinguish, but the sameness of the boards gets repetitive and boring. Unfortunately, after 5 buildings nothing much changes during the time.

Overall, most of you will enjoy playing Old Clockmaker’s Riddle as there are brilliant graphics and more or less challenging gameplay. Have fun!