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Pharaoh's Mystery

Unleash the power of the scarab as you launch them at blocks to uncover the secrets of Pharaoh Akhenaten. Shoot blocks to gather coins, gather coins to earn the Nine Mystic Gems, and use the Gems to solve the Pharaoh's Mystery. But you'll have to move swiftly. Let the blocks drop too far down and your journey will end and the Pharaoh's Mystery will remain unsolved. Forever.

Title - Pharaoh's Mystery Game Download for PC Description - All about Pharaoh's Mystery, a Puzzle game offered by Alawar Entertainment. Unleash the power of the scarab as you launch them at blocks to uncover the secrets of Pharaoh Akhenaten.
Pharaoh's Mystery game
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Pharaoh’s Mystery developed by Oberon Games will set you aside to the Ancient Egypt! The legend fables that the Pharaoh Akhenaten after his death was mummified and hidden in the cave filled with gold, and you have a chance to reveal this mystery! Your task is to clear the screen from the artefacts shooting at them from a paddle with the scarabs and catch enough coins to go through levels. So, it is not only a puzzle game, but breakout one as well. You start with three lives, each time the artefact riches the bottom of the gamefield, you lose a life... Read more

Pharaoh’s Mystery features attractive graphics, nice sound effects, ancient environments, twelve exciting power-ups, and more than 50 challenging levels… this is really great, but still not enough to call the game perfect! After addictive play it seems you monotone and dead, cause nothing can change except the difficulty of level. Frustration? Can’t say so. Honestly, it’s better than other simple match 3 games. Smooth animations, mouse-controlled paddle and engaging experience are provided, that’s why Pharaoh’s Mystery is worth to be added to your collection of puzzle games.

24, February 2009


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