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Posh Boutique 2

Posh Boutique 2 is a sequel of the famous fashion game, where you can apply all your rich fashion fantasy! Alicia wins the lottery and decides to open her own clothes shop and she needs your help! This game proposes you different levels where you can show not only your skills in Time Management games - some levels represent the sort of Hidden Object games and puzzles. You will experience the shop work, try to attract and satisfy the clients, decorate the store windows and many other things for the prosperity of Alicia's Posh Boutique!

Title - Posh Boutique 2 Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Savor Posh Boutique 2, a Time Management game launched by Gamehouse. Sequel of the famous fashion game, where you can apply all your rich fashion fantasy!
Posh Boutique 2 game
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If you are keen on fashion, you like the sequel to a well-known Posh Boutique game. This installment, from Puzzle Lab Studio, meet us Alicia, a young, super-cool fashion boutique manager. On this time she won one million dollars and wants to invest in more posh boutiques... Read more

The mechanic of Posh Boutique 2 has no surprises as there you will find quite common tasks and goals. You are to spend a week in each boutique, and each day a required amount of merchandise must be sold. Do so and you can move on to the next day. Fail and you’ll have to repeat that day. Honestly, getting an expert score in some of the later boutiques is easier said than done in this game.

Clicking on a customer in need sends Alicia to their service, and some sort of mini game will appear in a popup window for you to complete. A customer may want a specific fashion of shoes, which will be scrolling by among a handful of other styles. All these actions consume time, and the longer it takes Alicia to help a client, the more impatient other customers will become. You can’t posh it up with unhappy customers, so time is of the essence. Customers who become all frowns will leave the boutique in frustration. Not only does that mean less money for the day, but you’ll lose a heart. Hearts act as your lives in Posh Boutique 2 - lose all of them and the game is over! Still there are always ways out. You can offer upset customers in-store bargains by giving them a special sale price. And as you upgrade the boutique it will become a more pleasant place, slowing down the drain on customers’ patience or even giving them more initial happy faces.

There are bonuses to collect for serving loving couples at once, or even matching up groups of customers and sending them in one bundle to a certain section of the store. You really enjoy the sound effects and comments made when clients are handed part of an outfit they really like. Thus Posh Boutique 2 is a good choice for those who want a quick cheery gameplay. 

4, December 2009


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