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#1 Hit Game!
#1 Hit Game!
Strange Knights attacked the town. Go there and save it!

Shadowplay: Harrowstead Mystery Collector's Edition

You and your friends have been researching the mystery of Harrowstead for years, and you’ve run out of leads.
available for MacOS available for Windows 16, June / Hidden Object

Chimeras: Wailing Waters Collector's Edition

It’s only three days until Heavenfall Academy’s new camp opens, and you’re ready to be a counselor for the summer.
available for MacOS available for Windows 14, June / Hidden Object

Delicious: Emily's Road Trip Collector's Edition

Patrick fixes up Emily's van and the O'Malley girls and boys pile into it to tour the “Mother Road”!
available for Windows 9, June / Time Management

Spirit Legends: Solar Eclipse Collector's Edition

Your fellow monster hunter has gone missing, and it's your duty to find him!
available for MacOS available for Windows 7, June / Hidden Object

Fables of the Kingdom III Collector's Edition

It’s a new age for heroes as the very balance of nature is under threat!
available for Windows 2, June / Time Management

Ms. Holmes: The Monster of the Baskervilles Collector's Edition

Nicknamed Ms. Holmes for your sharp whit and investigative prowess, you're England's favorite new detective!
available for MacOS available for Windows 31, May / Hidden Object

Campgrounds III Collector's Edition

Meet Bart. Bart isn't very good with a hammer, or a saw, or managing his money.
available for MacOS available for Windows 26, May / Time Management

Fatal Evidence: The Cursed Island Collector's Edition

Your sister’s old mentor has been murdered, and you’ve been called to his remote island home to investigate!
available for MacOS available for Windows 24, May / Hidden Object

The Secret Order: Return to the Buried Kingdom Collector's Edition

The Buried Kingdom is in danger, and your old friends have called to you for help!
available for MacOS available for Windows 19, May / Hidden Object

Haunted Legends: The Call of Despair Collector's Edition

When the Captain of the Musketeers in Nulver Town calls for help, you rush to his aid.
available for MacOS available for Windows 17, May / Hidden Object


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