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Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies game

Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies

Genre: Hidden Object

Dive into the amazing world of one of the most famous Jane Austin's novels with new incredible and unique game Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies! Based on the events of the original book, this Hidden Object adventure introduces you your beloved characters Mr. Darcy, the Bennet family, William and others. Enjoy the main plot, explore beautiful scenes and look for the needed items. Tricky puzzles and other challenges will grab your attention for hours. Have fun with Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies, download this fantastic game totally for free and reveal all its secrets. Best of luck!




World-famous classic stories are extremely popular among casual game developers as their vivid plots are able to attract more players. Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies is one of those games.  Its story is based on one of the most romantic and affecting novel by Jane Austen. So, let us see if Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies will be as good as the book. .. Read more

To start with, Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies seems to follow the book story without any huge changes, missing members of the family, haunted mansions, and other things typical for the hidden object puzzle adventure genre. You meet all the characters from the book. Looking at the neat and crisp graphics you will be sure to have the same neat gameplay, unfortunately it won’t be so.

Instead of having and intriguing puzzle adventure or at least doing the actions are weirdly related with the book, you are simply doing house-keeping for everyone. Puzzles are still good, with at least one requiring you to pay careful attention to the instructions and use the keyboard. Honestly, there are too many instructions, which a bit annoying after a while. The game is crowded with huge unvoiced dialogues but it is clickable if you read fast. The music is rather melodic though, something a little more tinkling would have been better but it is not unpleasant to listen to.

While the overall graphics are not bad sometimes even beautiful, some characters look really odd. Like Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley look not very attractive despite the very well-known fact of how handsome there are, and how loved they are by hordes of women. Jane looks mostly like a fastidious lady, Elizabeth is like peasant woman and so on. 

If you want something more sophisticated and compelling, you’d better do not waste your time with Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Anthologies. So sorry.