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Project Rescue Africa game

Project Rescue Africa

Genre: Time Management

Are you a devoted animal-lover? Then you'll like this Time Management game Project Rescue Africa. While playing, you'll have to resist the dreadful and ruthless poachers and guard the safety of your savanna nursery inhabitants. Develop your zoological hatchery, feed and take care of your beloved animals. As they are grown-up, strong and ready for their self-reliant life, you are to let them out to the nature. Download Project Rescue Africa absolutely for free and set off to Africa as soon as possible for help!




If you are keen on the Farm Frenzy series but want something different, we can recommend Project Rescue Africa, a new time management title from Green Clover Games. Probably exotic African animals like tigers, hippopotamus, zebra or wild boar with a fine crop of hair will amuse you more than ordinary Farm Frenzy’s guinea-hens or bears... Read more

Being rather skeptic about Project Rescue Africa too, we were really surprised when after half an hour of playing we started to enjoy this game. In spite of close relations with Farm Frenzy theme, this time management installment is far different. It is very strange but we cannot say exactly why this game is much more addictive. There is the well-known amount of animals, the level goals, upgrades, clicking games. However, the gameplay is more fun or at least not less than the Farm Frenzy series. One and very important point there is that you needn’t click too much, if you use your strategy skills.

Nevertheless, Project Rescue Africa is lacking in good instructions. So, for the first 10 minutes, you will not pay much attention to the strategy value of this game and will sure that it is just a ho-hum clicking game. Still, it does get more and more strategic and you will start to get involved what the next level will bring. These hand-drawn scenes are perfect and it is nice to watch see animated exotic animals and move around the locations. This game is not only very fun but very different from the usual farming games. Thumbs up!