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PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes game

PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes

Genre: Hidden Object

From ERS Game Studios, creators of the beloved PuppetShow series! You have been called to Paris to investigate a string of mysterious abductions. Several women vanished recently after being struck by mysterious lightning bolts. What's more, it appears the women are being turned into... puppets! But just who is behind the crimes, what do they want, and how does it all work? To find out, you'll need to explore the streets of Paris, solving tricky puzzles and uncovering hidden clues. Just remember to keep your wits about you... Not everything is as it seems in this thrilling Hidden Objects Puzzle Adventure game.





PuppetShow is one of those never-coming-to-an-end free casual pc games series that you play no matter what everytime another sequel pop up. Yes, some are getting tired of it, but not us! Especially because this 6th installment, named Lighting Strikes, is an absolutely new story and has nothing in common with all the previous parts. ERS-Games Studios know how to surprise the gamers, so let’s see what they’ve got for us this time... Read more

Due to the new storyline this series feels like a fresh start. Here you get to deal with revenge, deadly romance, desire and we think it’s a pretty much good mix of subjects to put in the hidden object game for computers. The only one thing that we found weak is the illogical actions of some characters and pointless dialogs. Plus, their voices are annoying, but gladly you can always turn all the sounds off. In general music in this game is okay, soundtracks are enjoyable, made very professionally. The game takes place in Paris and in our opinion the city is presented very naturally. Locations look realistic, locations are sharp and detailed, the choice of colors is epic – mostly dark they create a very gloomy atmosphere.

Unfortunately in terms of gameplay Lighting Strikes is a super easy game, there’s nothing innovative and captivating about it. Hidden object scenes are not challenging at all, locations are easy to explore. The ‘Find’ bar that indicates the objects you need to pick up or use is absolutely unnecessary here. Puzzles are better, they are interactive, innovative, though not very challenging for hardcore gamers.

Despite the fact that PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes is a ridiculously easy game for mobile devices it deserves your time and attention. You can download game free and play it right away, show some love to the ERS-G and their brand new creation.