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Puzzle Cocktail game

Puzzle Cocktail

Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

An alien flying over the Earth shipwrecks and runs into our planet. To come back to his galaxy he needs to repair his flying saucer. The alien happens to be near an abandoned bar and decides to set up an establishment under the image of a barkeeper and test the waters. The bar becomes popular. We need to wait on visitors, perform tasks, and get repair pieces for the flying saucer in return. Help the alien to reconstruct his ship to come back home.

Gameplay features match-3 coupled with an economic element in the form of “bar management”. Every game day the player collects ingredients for drinks, makes cocktails and earns money serving original visitors. Each visitor prefers one or another drink, and if you take it into account, he’ll leave good tip and some nice bonus.

Various events take place during a game day: rent payment, tax police visiting, inspections, fines, power-ups and bonuses, different holidays, which have an adverse or a positive effect on your balance. All that influences the bar financial condition. The player can spend earned money to improve and develop the bar.