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Rasputin's Curse

Genre: Hidden Object

Try to play the new hidden object game Rasputin’s Curse! The main character of the game is Lora, who tries to clear up all the secrets of her family’s. She is going to St. Petersburg, the homeland of her great-grandmother. Only you can help Lora to find answers to all questions about her heritage! You should find all hidden objects and solve lock puzzles. You may download free the new game Rasputin’s Curse and enjoy exciting plot and adventures! Have a good time!

Title - Rasputin's Curse Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Don't miss Rasputin's Curse, a Hidden Object game originated by Sandlot Games. Only you can help Lora to find answers to all questions about her heritage!
Rasputin's Curse game





Wishing to attract more and more gamers, finally the developers get around to the Russia history. As a result we can see and play Rasputin’s Curse game by Sandlot Games. The intriguing storyline is based on the life of the evil monk that had a bad influence over the latest Russian Tsar Nicholas II. In this connection you have to travel to the Russian city of St. Petersburg to research one family history.  .. Read more

According to the hidden object genre you progress by gathering up object in different locations and using them at the correct time. Rasputin’s Curse would be a higher caliber of game if it had more polished illustrations. The items that you’ll be searching for are more or less suit to the scenes. Actually, some of the objects are impossible to find without a hit. Fortunately, there are enough hints and the system is easy enough to use. Most of mini-games are fun and can be skipped after a short period of time. Although some tasks drop out of the plot and look rather odd there.   

The weak point of Rasputin’s Curse is its cutscenes which are slow most of the times. If there were no chance to skip them all, it would be hardly possible to get some joy of the game. Besides some instructions to one or another task sounds too vague at times. More than once you will stay at a loss supposing what should be clicked on and what should not.

All in all, the story itself is interesting but the interpretation of it is poor. Rasputin’s Curse would be a higher caliber of game if the plot was more polished. The game is not terrible but leaves much to be desired. The developers should be more accurate dealing with the historical figure.

26, January 2010



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