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Rooms of Memory

Genre: Hidden Object

Rooms of Memory is a hidden object search game. You have come to claim your inheritance, the Bellows family estate. But to do so, you must unravel the mystery of the Portal and defeat the mysterious poltergeists which enter this world through it. Meet the characters in the house, collect all the talismans and relics, and follow the professor's trail through space and time.

Title - Rooms of Memory Game Download for PC Description - Uncover Rooms of Memory, a Hidden Object game presented by 6waves. Unravel the mystery of the Portal and defeat the mysterious poltergeists!
Rooms of Memory game




Once upon a time the creators of 6waves made a good Hidden Object game and named it Rooms of Memory. So, if you are looking for a fun game for PC to play you can consider this one. It has all the needed components of a good game of this genre and will be a pleasure to play... Read more

The storyline is nothing special. You receive a letter saying you just have inherited the Bellows family house but before you can own it you have to unravel many mysteries, defeat the poltergeist and fight the ghosts. You go to that mysterious mansion, meet other characters, gather relics and talismans and follow your uncle’s path through time and space.

At first sight it seems like there’s nothing spectacular about this game, but yet there are many things you can enjoy. The hidden object scenes are plenty of items to look for, even though sometimes they are the same objects and the same scenes. There’s always a story text which the player may not like, but fortunately you can skip them from time to time.

Soundtrack in this PC adventure is good but repetitive as well, the developers should have worked harder on it so players won’t need to mute it. The visual presentation in this game is bearable, the scenes are bright and clear and sometimes even innovative. The rooms and locations to explore don’t copy any other game.

Despite all those little flaws Rooms of Memory is worth checking anyway. Its gameplay is pretty solid and easy, the images are fine, and perhaps there still could be someone who will love the repetitive music in scenes. It can still attract players and be a good game for PC to kill your free time.

7, April 2015



Immortal Love: Kiss of the Night

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