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Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death Collector's Edition game

Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Help the girl to find and rescue her beloved in new exciting and unique Hidden Object game under the title Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death! The young man disappeared right in the middle of a date where he was a bout to ask his girlfriend to marry him. You have to help the main character to overcome all the obstacles, find the answers to all the questions and solve a lot of challenging puzzles puzzles! Will the two beloved reunite and never be separated again?




Many misfortunes may befall somebody, as we can see in many different hidden object games. Most often the problems are ghosts, werewolves, witches and killers, but all main characters survive somehow. Usually, it is because of the help of the loved ones! But, what would happen if the ones we love are lost and there is no one to help us? The developing team under the name of Alawar Entertainment has created a hidden object game which embodies exactly this idea. This brand new game is called Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death, and it is a tale of love and mystery. If you are curious to find out what happened in this story and if you wish to experience a very good adventure, then read the rest of this review and download and play this game right now!.. Read more

As we already said, Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death is a hidden object game. But it is not only that – it also has some elements from adventure games, and it implements different puzzles and mini-games in its gameplay. This diversity in gameplay is exactly the thing which makes this game so good. You will start your journey by selecting one of two difficulty levels. You can choose between casual, which gives hints more often and highlights areas of interest, and expert, which gives hints not as often and does not highlight areas of interest. When you do that, you are ready for a journey through 6 chapters of mystery and logical problems. You are first challenged by hidden object scenes, which are very fun to play. They might be a bit hard, because they are crowded with different items. On the other hand, puzzles and mini-games are much easier, but they are not as fun and original. If you get stuck during the game, you can use help, or you can consult the in-game guide. You also have a map with all the locations marked.

The next good thing about Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death is its storyline. This game has a very original storyline and it goes like this: You are playing as Mark’s fiancée who has to save her loved boyfriend from the evil. It seems that Mark somehow summoned a succubus which dragged him to a devilish land far from you. Since you love Mark, you will do anything to save him, and you embark on a journey to the island of Sacra Terra to rescue Mark! It really is a very original story, and you get to fight with the succubus! But to find what else happens in the story and if the story has a happy ending, you have to play this game! You can download and play the free trial version or you can purchase the full version of this game and play it unlimitedly.

Maybe the best feature in this game called Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death are the graphics and the music. The visual experience is phenomenal: textures are stunning and sharp, animations are smooth and look great and all characters are beautifully drawn. Backgrounds look very inventive and mysterious. Also, in the options, you can choose full screen view, to enjoy even more in this view, and you can choose to use custom game cursors. As far as the music is concerned, it is very nice and enjoyable. There is a slight problem with voice acting, but nothing big.

All in all, Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death is an outstanding hidden object game with elements of puzzles, mini-games and adventures which delivers great and original storyline through amazing graphics and addictive gameplay. Moreover, it offers a lot of original material, and this is why we are sure you will absolutely love this game!