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Sea of Lies: Nemesis Collector's Edition game

Sea of Lies: Nemesis Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Another intriguing whodunit brought to you by Eipix, the makers of Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian® Hope Diamond, and the successful Final Cut series... Authorities are baffled by the death of a prominent citizen, and the Governor himself has asked you to investigate. Can you find out how these men died, how they’re all connected, and most importantly, who killed them? This murderer’s calling card is your nemesis in this exciting continuation of the Sea of Lies series. In this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, you’ll use a forensics kit to examine murder scenes and look for clues.




We love pc games that are not only creative and entertaining full of cool puzzles and mini-games, but also those that are educational as well. For example Sea of Lies: Nemesis, made by talented and unstoppable games studio Eipix Entertainment. Here we learn that Nemesis is the goddess of Revenge, and then we see how it was integrated in a storyline... Read more

So, the story begins with a dead body and you, as a skilled detective, get to investigate this crime. The statue of Nemesis was found in the killed person’s hand. Why? How did it end up there? Why kind of mystery you will need to solve? Don’t worry, as soon as you finish the game you will find the answers to every single question. In general, despite a few twists in the storyline, we think the plot is kinda weak and doesn’t bring any excitement, plus there’s no backstory. Gameplay is not challenging at all, even though the game is full of puzzles and different mini-games. All the tasks are easy and not creative. The hidden object scenes, on the other hand, are various and very enjoyable to play.

Visual and audio production in Nemesis are just fine, graphics are very colorful, bright and sharp. Unfortunately the artwork didn’t make us go wow like it always happens with the games from Epix. Though the cut-scenes are very well done. Soundtrack is pretty satisfying, there are a lot of voice-overs and memorable sound effects.

If only the game was a little bit more challenging and creative, then we would add it in our personal list of top pc/mac games . Sea of Lies: Nemesis is still a great game though, despite the fact it looks like it was made by someone else. But anyway, we hope you’ll enjoy it so download for free pc/mac game and try to uncover all secrets.