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Silent Evil: Kate's Rescue game

Silent Evil: Kate's Rescue

Genre: Hidden Object

In Silent Evil: Kate’s Rescue, one sunny day Kate was walking down the street to the Sam Rutherford Hotel when suddenly she mentioned somebody was following her. To be on the save side she tried to call Dean, her boy friend, to tell about this strange event. But unfortunately, the connection was suddenly broken before they could end their conversation. Dean understood that there was something wrong with Kate and he decided to track her down immediately. Collect all clues in this free download fascinating Hidden Object game Silent Evil: Kate’s Rescue and help Dean save her girl-friend!




How long ago did you feel great disappointment? Get ready to experience this unpleasant feeling right now, if you have decided to try the game under the title Silent Evil: Kate’s Rescue from Playarms. .. Read more

Firstly, our outrage about this title connects with its storyline. The story sounds intriguing – a disappeared girl and some voice tells us that something very dark is going on. But in fact, the whole intrigue is supported with two short panic calls from Kate. That is an extremely very paper-thin storyline that practically has no development during the game. The exploration begins with a row of hidden object scenes which are very murky. The eyes is definitely straining in some scenes that are too vague and required searching for practically invisible items. The hints are the most popular point in this game as very few items you are able to find by yourself. Unfortunately, the hint system is just as bad as the rest of this game because it doesn’t work as it should.

Do not wait any really challenging mini-games in Silent Evil: Kate’s Rescue as there are none of them. All these puzzle have been already played and overplayed many times in other, but definitely better, hidden object installments. The graphics are a mix of very poor quality illustrations. If the scenes were clear a bit the game would be surely better. Some of the scenes are especially dark and indistinct that make you feel like getting away this play immediately.       

However, we like the spooky voice there and music background which fit spooky atmosphere of the game. But soon it gets very annoying when repeats again and again from scene to scene.

I wonder, why should the developers waste their time making such an awful titles like Silent Evil: Kate’s Rescue? Who will like and enjoy this?