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Ski Resort Mogul

Genre: Time Management

Julia's aunt bought a tiny ski resort and now needs her niece's help! Join Julie and try to turn this little skiing lodge into a large and successful ski resort with 5-star hotels, great restaurants and shops. Run your business and step by step you will do this place the most popular ski resort in the world! Build hotels and houses, earn a lot of money and do your utmost in a great time management game Ski Resort Mogul!

Title - Ski Resort Mogul Game Download for PC Description - Have a rest with Ski Resort Mogul, a Time Management game designed by Alawar Entertainment. Turn this little skiing lodge into a large and successful ski resort!
Ski Resort Mogul game



Those who already have passed all gold levels of Real Estate Mogul and Hotel Mogul games now can enjoy another new game from this series from Alawar Entertainment. This time the player need to transform a little usual ski center in a big prosperous Ski Resort with high-grade restaurants, five star hotels, bath and saunas, billiards and bowlings, in another words with all that the tourist soul may wish. Game developers took care of female gamers and added love story especially for them... Read more

At a glance, it seems that game creators just changed usual entourage sea-beach-hotel-sunning people to mountains-snow-chalet-snowboarding people, lightly modifying the set of buildings and graphics. But if you really want to judge all changes you will have to pass several levels. In this case it become apparent that: first of all, the game advanced at graphics field (well painted buildings, animated map, eye candy locations and scurry back and forth workers); second of all (more important fact), Ski Resort Mogul became something like happy medium. We should admit that this is a rare case to meet such a balansed business-stimulator concerning level difficulty and time spending on the task. You will have to think over the future infrastructure, to plan project schemes, to consider every step, in one word, you should choose your own strategy.

To finish the game you will hardly spend more than five hours. But to pass all levels on gold medal you will need more time.

The only disadvantage of Ski Resort Mogul is dull minigames which are represented here just to make the gameplay longer. In a word, if to close eyes on a banal plot, absurd minigames and lack of innovations, Ski Resort Mogul can be named as a well-set business strategy which will attract all fans of this genre.



Whispered Secrets: Cursed Wealth

Expires in 1584860400

Living Legends: Bound by Wishes

Expires in 01 Jun 2020


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