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Sky High Farm

Genre: Time Management

It’s time to flex your green thumbs and start planting! Can city life and farm life co-exist with each other? You’re about to find out! Beautify the rooftops of the city with fertile gardens and sweet-smelling orchards. Create your own farm on the top of a skyscraper where you can plant vegetables, fruits, trees and more! Start your little vegetable garden with three pots of carrots, and grow it into a flourishing business in this thrilling time management game. Buy gardening units, plant seeds, and grow them into carrots, tomatoes, cabbages, cucumbers and more. Reap the harvest in time to earn a profit. Set up factories and produce your own eco-friendly juices, jams, sugar and other goods. Remember – the clock is ticking: the quicker you think and the more you plant, the more you’ll earn!

Title - Sky High Farm Game Download for PC Description - Look at Sky High Farm, a Time Management game elaborated by Melsoft. It’s time to flex your green thumbs and start planting!
Sky High Farm game




Melesta Games studio knows how to produce good pc time management games that gamers will like. It doesn’t even matter if you are a fan of this genre or not, just looking at these games makes you wanna download one for free and start playing right away. Sky High Farm is one of these games that has its ups and downs but is definitely a worth playing one. Let’s see why... Read more

First of all this is a pure time management game without any elements of building or resources game. There’s no any solid storyline, you receive the tasks to do as soon as you start playing the game. You main mission here is to run your own garden… on the top of the roof! Then, obviously, you sell your products and earn money. The money that you earn you spend on new seeds, machines and other upgrades.

The gameplay is nothing new, it reminds us of other dash styled installments, especially Garden Dash where you get to seed, plant, water and fertilize soil and more. And then comes the most intriguing part – you watch your plants grow and get ready to be collected and sold. Plant flowers, trees vegetables and fruits. Sooner or later you will get tired of this type of gameplay: it’s slow and repetitive . But at the same time Sky High Farm is addictive and entertaining game for everyone. There’s no relaxed mode, unfortunately, and we’re afraid the beginners will find this game too hard, but the tips and instructions make the journey way easier.

The presentation side is quite impressive. Melesta Dames did a beautiful job making the graphics appealing with vibrant colors and cute looking characters. In our opinion the music is cheery and optimistic, but very loud. Gladly there’s an option to turn the sound off to make it less distracting. Despite the fact Sky High Farm is far from being innovative, it’s a cool free downloadable game for pc and you can play it anytime.



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