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Song Pop game

Song Pop


If you like pop music, the new Facebook game by FreshPlanet will suit you perfectly! As you might already guess, the objective of the game is to guess a song faster than your opponent. Obviously, the better you know modern and retro pop music, the more chances of winning you have! How does it work? In short, the players, in turn, are trying to guess, which song is playing at the moment, or at least name the artist. Each of them has five attempts to give the right answer, after which the winner is determined. There is a wide range of categories, so you will always be able to choose something to your taste. Still, the sweetest thing about this game it that you can play it either against your Facebook friends or against a random Facebook user, which means that you will always be able to find a decent opponent, even when all your fellow pals are offline! Playing against a random opponent is like playing the lottery, because you never know, whether he knows the game inside out or he's only recently started playing Song Pop and still does not understand what to do, which adds much fun and unpredictability to the gameplay. Anyway, the range of musical compositions to guess is wide enough to surprise even the most experienced connoisseur of music, so you will always be able not only to test your knowledge of one of your favorite genres, but also to discover something new! In our opinion, it is a brilliant game for those who adore music, love to talk to strangers, spend all their free time listening to favorite songs and never give up on a challenge. If you recognize yourself in this description, Song Pop is just what you need! Start playing this game right now to have a wonderful time with your friends, find new artists and music bands in your favorite genre and feel the taste of victory!