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Stand O'Food 3

Genre: Time Management

Greet Ronnie, as he is here again to try his luck in restaurant business! Stand O'Food 3 is another game by G5 Entertainment company. Stand O'Food 3 differs a lot from the previous game of the series, Stand O'Food 2. This one is filled up with many additions. Besides burgers, Ronnie is now to prepare lasagna, French fries, soda and coffee, and there are many ever new spices and sauces in his disposal. In general, you have to help Ronnie run 25 restaurants! Can you imagine this? You choose an option before starting to play. If you don't show preference to fast-going gameplay, you are recommended to choose the easiest mode. But veterans of Time Management genre will surely size up the hardest option. So, let Stand O'Food 3 become the cherry on the cake in your collection of downloadable games!

Title - Stand O'Food 3 Game Download for PC Description - Set about Stand O'Food 3, a Time Management game launched by G5 Entertainment AB. Help Ronnie run 25 restaurants!
Stand O'Food 3 game
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It is usually said that there is no need to develop sequels speaking about films, cartoons and computer games, because sequels are inferior to their predecessors as a rule. But still there is another assertion that three is a lucky number. This one is the case with Stand O’Food 3 by G5 Entertainment. It can justly be called the best game of the series... Read more

Paradoxically, Stand O’Food 3 astonishes by its complexity and simplicity at the same time. It includes three difficulty levels and has very long gaming time. Stand O’Food 3 is polished and worked out better than the previous parts, particularly owing to the progress of the storyline. It gets more sophisticated as the relations between Nikki and Ronnie are developed. The core gameplay has got only one shortage. There is shallow difference between restaurant types, and it gets repetitive sooner or later. The restaurants are in fact interchangeable not only in interior scenes but in the food served.

However, if you’ve got little interest in the gameplay and pay attention mostly to the artwork, the graphics are really the highlight of Stand O’Food 3. It should be mentioned that the graphics are greatly improved in comparison with the first two games of Stand O’Food series. Background music totally corresponds the fast-paced gameplay and thus, coupled with the superb graphics, ranges the game among the best ones of Time Management category.

All-in-all, Stand O’Food 3 is a sequel which is definitely worth having a go at, because it is really brand new as against its predecessors. If you give a high rating to “big” Time Management titles, this game will take a rightful place in your collection.

7, June 2011


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