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Stone-Jong turns the classic Solitaire formula upside-down with its unusual gameplay, 3D graphics and 2 game modes. Match stones instead of cards to uncover a beautiful hidden picture. You will discover over 100 mind-challenging levels rendered in visually pleasing 3D environments. Try your hand and wits at One Side or Two Side Solitaire! In either mode, Stone-Jong will keep your mind sharp and improve your overall well being!

Title - Stone-Jong Game Download for PC Description - Get Stone-Jong, a Puzzle game created by Oberon Media. It turns the classic Solitaire upside-down with stones instead of cards!
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Stone-Jong produced by Oberon Media company is a board game with the elements of solitaire and mahjong.  Click on the stones with identical images, you make them disappear and add thereby to the scores. When you clear all of the stones, the picture behind will uncover.  .. Read more

Try yourself in 2 game modes: One Side Solitaire and Two Side Solitaire. They differ in number of sides of the stone pile that are available for matches.  The gameplay is unusual and addictive one, besides, a great advantage, to my opinion, is colorful detailed 3D graphics. So, 10 environments the Stone-Jong features are fascinating indeed.

Sound and visual effects, more than 100 challenging levels, different keys and bonuses, and such helpful options as hints, jokers, reshuffles and undo make this game really attractive! There is no an intricate storyline as it is, but still it has an original concept, and believe me, it does not seem as the majority of mahjong games!

Picturesque backgrounds, charming instrumental music and captivating gameplay will allure you no doubt!

24, February 2009


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