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Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn game

Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn

Genre: Hidden Object

Discover new excellent and entertaining Hidden Object Adventure titled Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn and dive into the mysterious world of secrets and unrevealed truth! Your beloved brother was kidnapped by dark figures right in front of your eyes and now you have to find and save him! As you search you face the big mansion the mystery of which has to be uncovered and only then you'll be able to reach and rescue your sibling! Explore beautiful scenes, look for the needed items and solve numerous puzzles. Download Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn totally for free and start playing it right away. Good luck!

If you need help in solving a certain puzzle or finding a quest item, you can download for free our strategy guide for Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn. Get a detailed walkthrough on how to complete all levels without missing a single secret option of the game absolutelly for free!




Do you want to dive deep into the world of undiscovered secrets and unraveled mysteries? If your answer is confirmative, then you should definitely download and play the game called Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn, coming from a well-known producer of Hidden Object games named Deep Shadows. Your main goal is to save your brother from eternal darkness, so don’t waste any time at all, start playing this unforgettable game right away and embark on a breath-taking journey!.. Read more

This single player game belongs to the very popular genre of Hidden Object games, but can be also described as a Puzzle and Adventure game. This great mixture of genres called Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn has to make a difference on the market in order to be spotted by eager players, so it has an unbelievable plot. The storyline is as follows: You find yourself in real problem when a group of hooded, mysterious shadowy persons kidnap your brother right before your eyes! Now, your task is to save him, and your intensive search has leaded you to an ancient and strange mansion that keeps many secrets relevant to the disappearance of your beloved sibling! The sinister mystery behind everything is to be unfolded before your eyes, if you solve the puzzles and find all the hidden objects that are requested. Having in mind that this story is really awesome, this review might have already convinced you to download the free trial version or to purchase the full version of Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn, but if not, there are more things that might persuade you into doing that.

The gameplay in this game is like in almost any other Hidden Object/Puzzle/Adventure game, where you have a lot of scenes with hidden objects, several logical puzzles that need to be solved, so there’s not much surprise about that. You will enjoy playing all the hidden object games, which sometimes aren’t marked with sparkles, depending on the level of difficulty that you chose. There are three levels of difficulty for you to choose: casual (you have fast refilling hint button, skip button in mini-games and sparkles around Hidden Object scenes), expert (slower refilling hint and skip buttons, no sparkles for HOS) and professional (no skip or hint buttons, nor sparkles). After you choose it, you can start searching for the hidden objects or solve puzzles like Match-Three, Sliders etc. What is different from the other Hidden Object games is that you don’t have a map, but rather a journal with the list of events that have happened to you. The game is technically very nice, no bugs and everything ran smooth.

Another great thing in Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn is the quality of music and graphics. The graphics are real good, and you will often catch yourselves enjoying the beautiful scenes put before your eyes. The colors are well-chosen; there is no blending of the objects with the surroundings. The great addition to this game is also live characters talking to you throughout the whole game. The sound in this music is very good, though, not as good as the graphics. If you download this game, you won’t hear any voice-overs, no sound effects. The music theme is played on loop, but doesn’t get boring right away, and you won’t even notice that it’s repetitive, if you are immersed into the game.

To summarize, this great game Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn, that can be downloaded in trial version, or purchased, brings together the best features of different genres like Hidden Object games, Puzzles and Adventure and mixes it into great story, beautiful graphics and catchy music theme. You must try this game, otherwise you will be missing a real gem in the games industry.