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The City of Fools game

The City of Fools

Genre: Hidden Object

Become a local journalist and learn the truth about the UFO in new fantastic and amazing game The City of Fools! Rumor has it the mayor has some information but does his best to hide it from the citizens. Get brave and investigate the town, solve this mystery and become a true hero. A lot of obstacles, challenges and unexpected twists wait for you in The City of Fools. Download this adventure game right now and totally for free and put everything on its place! Good luck!



If you are in a bad mood, and the world seems to have gone mad, just play the new adventure game by Absolutist, and you’ll instantly feel better! Combining tons of humorous dialogue with no basic plot as such, City of Fools can rightly be considered one of the best game antidepressants of all time... Read more

Your main goal is to meet with the mayor of Tundel in order to find out what he knows about a UFO recently seen in the vicinity of the city. It would seem that the problem is clear, but no such luck! Once you arrive at Tundel, you discover that the mayor lives on a remote island, and to get there you need to make an obscene amount of money, fulfilling stupid orders of local people. Most of the tasks generally boil down to finding specific items, aimlessly strolling through the city of Tundel. Characters are plentiful, and the items you’re asked to find are located in the most unexpected places all around the city. As a result, the game completely loses the sense just a few minutes after you start playing it, forcing you to fill your inventory with dozens of useless items and read tons of absolutely mad, though pretty fun dialogue. 

The puzzles are few and mostly quite easy. On the other hand, there is a lot of challenging hidden object scenes with both traditional object lists and silhouette object lists. In addition, City of Fools can boast of a rather vulgar humor in decent quantity and a lot of interesting innovations. I won’t delve into the details about the first paragraph, so as not to spoil your appetite if you’re eating or have just eaten. Just keep in mind that it’s better not to play this game with your children. As for innovations, I found the money system presented in City of Fools quite unusual for a casual game. The point is that some of the items you need to find are sold in local stores, and to get them you’ll have to part with your hard earned money. The hidden object scenes are crisp and uncluttered, while the scenes of the city resemble plasticine arts and look very fresh.

Unfortunately, there are several disadvantages that may completely spoil your game experience. In addition to trite humor, which may confuse some players, City of Fools has proved to have an awkward map and absolutely useless diary. First, you can’t jump from one location to another via the map. Given the huge size of the city, it’s rather a big disadvantage. Second, the dairy doesn’t point the current location of game characters that can give or have already given you quests, so you’ll have to make additional notes on a piece of paper so as not to get lost. And last but not least, by the middle of the game you’ll have several dozens of quest items stocked in your inventory, which makes it absolutely impossible to quickly find what you need or just remember what you already have found.

Alas, despite all its humor, amusing graphics and fresh innovations, City of Fools gets boring just after a few minutes of play. If the game had a convenience plot, it would be incomparably better. Still, if you have nothing to do and do not mind rude jokes, give it a chance! Who knows? Maybe, you’ll like it!