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The Dragon Dance

Genre: Hidden Object

The father's dying wish is a very important thing, which must be taken into consideration for sure. Edward sets off for a long-lasting traveling in search of The Dragon Dance treasure, just as his father wants. This enigmatic treasure has been kept for ages in an ancient temple on Mount Kailash. You'll find yourself in the perilous Forsaken Forest, where the very temple is situated. While deciphering mysterious messages from the past and complicated cryptic codes, you are going to reveal the secret of The Dragon Dance. Download the game for free and join Edward in his adventures!

Title - The Dragon Dance Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Have a good time with The Dragon Dance, a Hidden Object game developed by Hill Stone Animation Studio. Reveal the secret of The Dragon Dance!

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The Dragon Dance is a new hidden object title from Hill Stone Animation Studio that has you traveling around the world and collecting different items... Read more

Thanks to good value productions The Dragon Dance looks rather worthy. But as we progress further in this game we understand that the twists are not so numerous there. Hidden object scenes are pretty easy with silly-hidden items. Still, there are punishments for your miss clicks: if you click too fast several times, the cursor will falls apart just for a few seconds. Mini-games and puzzles popping up in some locations are not bad but not unique at all.

The artwork really deserves our applauses. Locations and scenes are well-thought and notable for their detailed backgrounds. This music can please the fans of oriental tunes but ordinary players can found this too monotones. Unfortunately, there is no extra options which you can easily find at any modern hidden object game. The Dragon Dance has only custom cursor and full screen. Another words if you do not care much about story and challenge level of a game and just want to enjoy beautiful scenes, this title will perfectly fit this purpose. Nevertheless, some players, the newbies for example, might find this game quite interesting and even hard to solve at times.

2, December 2010



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