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The Revenge game

The Revenge

Genre: Hidden Object

The malicious witch is going to gain revenge! She just foams! Ages ago Zoraida was written off by the Royal Family and sweared to avenge! Now the day of reckoning has come! Queen Elisa is trying to do her best to save her only son from Zoraida's vengeance. Do you want to help the queen? Then play The Revenge, our new Hidden Object game. Zoraida is now back, and she has kidnapped the Prince! Download The Revenge absolutely for free as soon as possible! Who knows, how much time is left to free the crown prince.




The Revenge from Hill Stone Animation Studio is another example of games that have an attractive cover but completely fail at a story and gameplay. We always welcome new premises and believe that they should be miscellaneous but we are very categorical about poor titles... Read more

Trying to invoke a fairytale storyline, the developer didn’t manage to render it in a proper way. In The Revenge you are to play as a queen opposing to evil and trying to save your little child. The concept is not bad, but unfortunately the story does not explain anything nor put any sense. The lack of directions does not let you go far into the game. Even veterans of hidden object titles will cry for any in-game help but this game isn’t equipped with it at all.

Visually, The Revenge is illustrated with pleasant and vivid colors, though the characters are ordinary. The majority of hidden object scenes are junkpiles with little sense. Although there is an attempt to adapt items to the background, the resized objects are so odd that sometime hard to be recognized. Puzzles are cliched to the genre requiring no special skills. Still, we can remember several original puzzles but these ones have no instructions. After several unsuccessful attempts to solve this or that puzzle you cannot help but skip it.

The music is something that we always turn off as it is absolutely unforgettable and plain. No voice acting is another flaw there. We were sure that the epoch of silent games went away long ago. Well, now we see it still can be. 

So, if the game has more disadvantages than advantages, it is a great reason to ignore it. Why should we waste our precious time for something that does not cost our attention? 

Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista

CPU: 1.4 GHz

RAM: 1024 MB

DirectX: 9.0

Hard Drive: 223 MB