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The Secret Order: Masked Intent Collector's Edition game

The Secret Order: Masked Intent Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Start an unforgettable adventure in new part of the excellent game The Secret Order: Masked Intent! Don't let the main character realize its evil plans and stop him. Visit the Sunward city and return it to its prosperous state. Explore beautiful scenes, look for the big amount of hidden objects and solve mindblowing puzzles. Are you ready to take this challenge? Then download The Secret Order: Masked Intent and be the one who will save the day!




What can impress a hard core Hidden Object fan? Seems to be everything has already been done in thousands of similar games of this genre. Despite that fact Sunward Games has taken the chance and released a special collector’s edition named The Secret Order: Masked Intent. We should notice that this is a sequel of The Secret Order: New Horizon. Running a few steps forward, we can say these two episodes are not interconnected with each other. It means, if you are not familiar with the New Horizon, you can check out the Masked Intent easily. Turning back to described title, let us see what the team’s endeavour has resulted in... Read more

The game introduces us to a young lady, Sarah. She has received an alarming message from the Order of the Griffins. It is a covert organization. Their primary objective is saving the humanity from everything related to the supernatural phenomenon. The report says the Order is in distress now. It turns out that a newcomer has betrayed them and killed a chairperson. Moreover, the traitor is going to become a member of the Secret Five, the group that controls the Order. So, Sarah is the one who must save this organization and the entire humanity at the same time. It is not that easy! A magical mask is in possession of a betrayer. It makes him invincible. Obviously, he will try to stop you by any means. The only way to defeat him is to travel back in time and find a scepter. This artifact is connected with the mask somehow and able to overwhelm it. Unmask and defeat the foe! The ship will take you on board and your journey will begin. Ahoy! You must be ready for a long journey. The game is quite extended. You are offered to explore the numerous areas in order to find the required items. You will have to transfer in time from the one point to another. It affects on the areas. Each location belongs to the certain period of time. Also, each of them contains a lot of hidden items to look for. Your character is given a standard Hidden Object Game kit: inventory, journal, map and a magnifying glass, of course. The map is really useful. It indicates the areas where you have missed something. Usually, it is some hidden item that is waiting for you to return and seek it. In addition to that, the map is able to block the location when everything is done with it. This feature will save you from the meaningless wandering around the areas. Your time will be spent sensibly. If you have found yourselа in a blind alley while searching for the Hidden Objects, you may choose the Mahjong playing instead. The result will be the same: the required items will be gathered, but this time via managing the Mahjong layouts. Actually, it is an interesting option. As usual, mini-games are presented in form of Puzzles. These riddles are quite difficult and actually unique. If you are a veteran of Puzzles, you will see how different they are in comparison with all the previously presented.

The graphics is gorgeous. The details are quite sharp. However, sometimes it seems that developers have overdone with the darkness. Still, the artists have done their best! The soundtrack just fits the game. The voice overs are perfectly timed. The enunciation of cast is perfectly articulate. Thus, the audio effects are given the excellent mark as well.

Seems to be the title justifies the efforts of Sunward Games. We can say it is a great advance in comparison with the forerunner. You know, they say there is no harm in trying. So, we wish this team to keep trying! They are good, but they can do better.