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Trapped: The Abduction game

Trapped: The Abduction

Genre: Hidden Object

The Abduction is a mysterious and fearful game. It is a real present for scare stories lovers to a Halloween day. Playing the role of a girl that was abducted by some unknown madman. So your purpose is to find a way out. But before you get free you will need to solve different puzzles, avoid the traps and etc. Remember that this psycho is watching you all the time. So, use all your skills and make a plan of escape. Good luck!




Trapped: The Abduction is a thrilling hidden object game from Gogii Games that has you carrying away in a spooky world of crimes.  .. Read more

Most part of the game you will be involved in seeking of different items, although there are some inventory puzzles to complete. To tell the truth, these objects are very challenging to find, since the backgrounds are dark, with few colors. While this adds much to the scary atmosphere, it also means that objects are tough to spot. Time and again you will cry for the help. Fortunately, you are able to use reloading hints. Use them as many as you like, but it takes about a minute for the hint button to recharge after each use.

We are glad to report that the gameplay is untimed and there is only a minor penalty for random clicking. If you make too many incorrect clicks, the screen fuzzes up for a second, and the killer laughs. As to riddles, they are not always obvious and can be skipped if you get stuck. 

Trapped: The Abduction is a hard and frightening game, which can bewilder even the most experienced players. Though stinginess in color makes the game pretty creepy, it is a bit of an eye strain. Many dark brown backgrounds and rust-colored objects cannot but disappoint us. So if you do not fear to ruin your eyesight, play it just for a change.