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Twilight Phenomena: The Incredible Show game

Twilight Phenomena: The Incredible Show

Genre: Hidden Object

It's that time of year again! Visiting the Strauss Circus has been a tradition for you and your sister, Judith, for many years. But this year, when Judith is chosen from the audience to help with a magic act, you discover that the smiling faces on stage aren't as happy as they first appear. Judith doesn't meet you after the show, and you quickly realize something is wrong. Search the circus and uncover the dark secrets haunting the performers and animals who call it home. But you'd better hurry! Time is running out in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!



In our humble opinion Twilight Phenomena series from ERS-Games is not their best franchise. But regardless of that, one of the recent sequels, The Incredible Show, proves that there still can be something to enjoy. As the third installment in the series, this pc/mac game is worth of attention... Read more

The storyline is catching and intriguing, and the epic intro is a proof. Here you get to save Judith, your beloved sister, from danger. She’s been kidnapped by Strauss, the circus owner, and rumor has it he turns people into animals. Great voice-overs keep you excited and mysterious music just fires up the interest. The ‘rescue your relative’ concept is nothing new but yet we loved this story, there are a few touching moments that made us smile. Plus this game is more for kids than the adults.

Unfortunately the gameplay is a little bit disappointing, it’s easy and not challenging at all. Though we enjoyed to play cool puzzles for free, and some mini-games were just fine. But in general all you have to do is complete boring and dull tasks. We appreciate that nice feature called Coins collectibles, that you can use to interact with numerous aspects of the game. Hidden object scenes were not pleasant to explore, maybe because of not attractive graphics. Images are colorful but they have the ERS-Games watermarks all over them… why?

The game lasted for about 4 hours, and its bonus chapter was satisfying. All in all we can say that this game could have been better, so we can give it only 3,5 stars. You can download Twilight Phenomena: The Incredible show for free, play it and who knows perhaps it will end up in your personal list of pc games.