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Vault Cracker: The Last Safe game

Vault Cracker: The Last Safe

Genre: Hidden Object

Meet a new hidden object game Vaultcracker: The Last Safe! Melissa was one of the most famous cat burglar in the world but she decided to leave this criminal world for the sake of her son Emmett. One day Emmett disappears in the airport and nobody knows where he is. The kidnapper has a condition: Melissa should complete one job if she wants to see her son again. So now Melissa has the last job to do. Help her find Emmett and a person who has kidnapped him. Look for necessary hidden items, crack some safes and beware of the police radar! Vaultcracker: The Last Safe by Gogii Games will definitely please all the fans of HOG.

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Vault Cracker: The Last Safe, a new game from Gogii Games, goes on an endless caravan of hidden object games. While the plot is quite fresh, the accrual gameplay is extremely standard... Read more

The game starts with Melissa, who has decided to put an end her corrupted way of life that does not involve criminal pursuits. It turns out to be rather hard to say goodbye the past life. Because of her criminal life, her son gets into great troubles. Can you help the main heroin overcome all difficulties? To do this, you have to wander from room to room searching tons of different items. Do not wait for something unique there! Vault Cracker: The Last Safe contains the traditional hidden object scenes that we all well know and respect. Despite being rather cluttered, these sceneries are actually quite easy, and for the few objects that are hard to find, you can always use a quickly recharging hint system.

The puzzles themselves are challenging although not particularly creative, but you can also skip these scenes if you are so stuck with them. Unfortunately, Vault Cracker: The Last Safe tends to tackle the same shabby settings as most hidden object titles. Though the lax style of gameplay does not perfectly suit with the high intensity of storyline, the game can still give players an enjoyable experience.

Pictorial representation of the game is notable for its accuracy and tidiness. But for some vague situation connecting with item searching, the background of this title could be defined as a yardstick. Give it a try!