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Weird Park: Scary Tales game

Weird Park: Scary Tales

Genre: Hidden Object

Meet already familiar characters Louis the Clown and Mr. Dudley in the second part of an incredible game under the title Weird Park! Step into new adventure with Weird Park: Scary Tales and save children from danger. These two villains kidnap kids and turn them into world-known fairytale characters! Do your best and stop this evil. Go once again through stories about Aladdin, Cinderella and other. Enjoy unique gameplay, incredible storyline, overcome all challenges and save the day! You can download Weird Park: Scary Tales right now and totally for free! Best of luck!

If you need help in solving a certain puzzle or finding a quest item, you can download for free our strategy guide for Weird Park: Scary Tales. Get a detailed walkthrough on how to complete all levels without missing a single secret option of the game absolutelly for free!





There are some many cases where the circus and other amusement park related themes are used for a setting for Hidden Object games. It seems that there is nothing that developers can do to make this plot and this setting a bit more interesting, but we might be wrong about this conclusion! Here comes a new game, sequel to the famous game from Weird Park series, and this one is called Weird Park: Scary Tales. If you want to go through an amazing adventure with different hauntingly scary moments, then enjoy in this game coming from the developing team called Diesel Puppet! .. Read more

This review will start with the storyline of Weird Park: Scary Tales, as it is the point in the game where it must show that it is capable of surviving on the game market. Surprisingly, the plot is very interesting. The storyline goes like this: Your car get broken somewhere on the outskirts of your city and that is when you learn that a crazy clown has kidnapped several children. You might not think that this is an original story, but here comes the twist: he has locked them into his own twisted versions of classic fairytales! Can you imagine that? Of course, the only person who can save them is you, so you should play the game right away! It is up to you whether you will choose the free trial version and download and play the game for an hour, or you will purchase the full version and play unlimitedly!

The gameplay in Weird Park: Scary Tales is one of the best features, although it is very similar to the pattern used in all Hidden Object games.  This single player Hidden Object game is full of other elements pertaining to the genre of Adventure and Puzzle games: you are almost always put in small areas with locked doors and other obstacles which you must remove to progress. You will do that by completing puzzles which will activate different mechanism, or finding key elements in the surroundings or through the Hidden Object scenes. Hidden Object scenes are numerous, and occasionally the scene is repeated with different items, none of them are too crowded and they don’t have junk piles, so to say. While there are textual lists of the hidden objects that are to be found, some objects are written in red, and this means that these objects require interactivity between several other objects. What may be problem for inexperienced players and a challenge for hardcore player is that in this game, there will be a lot of puzzles one after another, leaving you little time to think, and unless you can do it really fast, you are bound to be in trouble. However, there is a hint system that will try to help you if you get stuck.

As for audio and visual experience of Weird Park: Scary Tales, we may say that we are positively inclined towards it. It is a very nicely looking game, it has great textures and backgrounds, creepy characters with great design, but what is even more important, the music goes with the visual experience so well that you will be immersed into the game immediately! The audio atmosphere is great, setting the overall enjoyment high!

All in all, this great single player Hidden Object game will give you hours of fun with its original storyline, detailed and fun gameplay, stunning graphics and hauntingly beautiful audio experience. While the difficulty settings might appear as problem to somebody, some practice will do the work. Enjoy playing this game from Diesel Puppet developing studio called Weird Park: Scary Tales!