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Whispers: Revelation game

Whispers: Revelation

Genre: Hidden Object

Did you ever think of what was like to be able to see and talk with supernatural beings? Get to know everything about it in new exciting and unique Hidden Object game under the title Whispers: Revelation! Meet Lunna, a 17-year old girl who possesses that kind of powers - she can communicate with spirits of dead people. How will she use this gift? How will it help her? Find it out in Whispers: Revelation! Wait for the release of this promising game!




One of the biggest problems that the developing teams encounter when they try to create a new game is to make the story credible and enjoyable at the same time. Of course, this is very hard since more or less everything used in today’s games is clichéd and overused. But, it really seems that the developing team under the name Origaming Media succeeded in creating a very original and believable game. This brand new game has got the title Whispers: Revelation and offers many original features. If you want a game that will blow your mind with its storyline, then read the rest of this review and download and play this game right now!.. Read more

All this work that is put into creating an original game can be seen in the storyline. Whispers: Revelation is a game which has a very innovative storyline and it instantly connects you with the main characters. The story goes like this: You are playing as Luna, a seventeen years old girl whose parents died long ago in a car crash. Now Luna goes to a new school, but she is very different from all other kids in school. What makes her so different is her secret ability to perceive supernatural beings and creatures, from ghosts to specters. These spirits will help you solve the big mystery which lies behind the disappearance of your necklace. You will be confronted with both bad and evil spirits, and you have to find out what is all this about. You must admit that this storyline is really original, so if playing the free trial version is not enough, you can always purchase the full version of the game.

To convince you even more, let us tell you something about the gameplay. Gameplay in Whispers: Revelation is very good and it will improve your gaming experience. There are two levels of difficulty that you can choose, depending on whether you are a beginner or a more advanced player. Concerning its genre, this game is a hidden object game which integrates puzzles and mini-games. What is more, it has very good elements of “point and click adventure games”. There are a lot of hidden object scenes, and they will be very challenging. You will always have to look patiently for different objects and try not to miss anything. On the other hand, mini-games are very easy, partly because most of them are very well known, and partly because they are pretty straight-forward. Of course, you are offered a map, but it is sometimes useless, as it is not a fast-travel map. Also, you can use hints, if you get stuck and you don’t know what to do.

Another important feature in this game is its graphics. Graphics in Whispers: Revelation are really good, they are crisp and sharp, and background are beautifully drawn. Scenes are always rich in detail and they have smooth and interesting animations. It all adds up to a very scary ambient. It is even more eerie when you add the music which makes you jump from your seat ones or twice. Sound effects are equally surprising, and they are not annoying at all.

To sum everything up, we have a very good game here. Whispers: Revelation is a hidden object game enriched with different elements from point and click adventure games, puzzles and mini-games. The storyline is absolutely amazing, it is original and it helps you relate to the main character. Graphics and music are very good and they bring us an unforgettable audio and visual experience. The only slight problem is with the difficulty level in the game, but that can be solved by hints. Enjoy another good hidden object game!