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Wild Tribe

Genre: Time Management

A long time ago there was a small village called Tribesville inhabited with tiny wobblies. It was a very old and peaceful tribe with its own customs and traditions. But one day they faced a great threat of extinction. Use all your time management skills to prevent this! Teach them to use new technologies, show them how to build better huts, train wobbies to be skilled fighters! Do whatever you need to save them in this fascinating game called Wild Tribe!

Title - Wild Tribe Game Download for PC Description - Try your hand over Wild Tribe, a Time Management game released by TikGames. Can you use your Time Management skills to transform these simple creatures into a tribe of foragers, doctors, builders and guards before it’s too late?
Wild Tribe game




Unusual creatures are waiting for you in the Wild Tribe produced by Tikgames. This time management game will replace you on the island full of Wobblies that can evolve into various animals. Your task is to help them to survive, gather food, build storage huts, dig wells for water and develop the tribe into a self sufficient community. Feel the power of supremo and save the creatures from extinction!.. Read more

The game strategy is easy enough: just click on the person you want to work or learn some skills. Drag a male and female Wobblie together and they fall in love and produce little Wobblies so the tribe can grow. Transform them into giraffes, gorillas, elephants or others to fulfill hard tasks like gathering nuts or water.

The gameplay is smooth with point and click interface. It has a bit slow pace and fits the beginners more than for experienced players. Also it would be better if the player could select a number of tribe creatures to manage the task.

The graphics is nice and well-polished, creatures are very cute too. And one thing to remember: the game stays running unless you pause it. So don’t forget to do it or your fosterlings can pass away from different diseases. Well, it is rather nice game to enjoy, not the best example of time management genre, but we afraid it will be good only for newbies!



Whispered Secrets: Cursed Wealth

Expires in 1584860400


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