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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland game

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Genre: Hidden Object

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is a world-famous fairy-tale written by Lewis Carroll. Today you've got a chance to penetrate into the book and to take part in all Alice's adventures together with this storybook girl. Start playing this namesake game Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and meet the characters you know and love since your childhood. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is a Hidden Object game, which will not let you be bored accompanied by curious Alice, amusing hurrying Rabbit and other Lewis Carroll's characters. Download the game for free and reread the book in an absolutely new way!




The story of Alice, a young girl who follows the White Rabbit down a rabbit hole was written over 130 yeas ago, but it is still read with great interest by children and adults as well, and still fires the imagination of all creative people. Its premise can perfectly provide the basis for a casual game, can’t it? The developers don’t even need to endeavor to renew the plot, all they need is to think over a gameplay and provide good graphics... Read more

HdO Adventure is one of those developers who try to give us anew game adaptation of Carroll’s work, but don’t reach success. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland game has no difference at all except for the graphics – gameplay, title, and progression are exactly the same. The developer doesn’t even bother himself to rename the game! However, this is fairly interesting on the visual side and the first scenes looks hopefully but then all our cherished hopes flies into pieces when we realize that a lot of items are very small and hard to spot.

Lots of backtracking and plain mini-games are huge gripes and reasons not to like HdO Adventure’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Although the artwork is quite good, much better than yesterday’s hidden object graphics, this game is too weak for today. Only the music background is literally funky, fitting to the theme, and the puzzles and rabbit, which makes it very relative.

Of course,  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is not the first attempt to adapt this classical story. There are lots of movie and game adaptations of this outstanding book but very few became really worthy. To our humble opinion, Walt Disney’s Alice is by no means the best movie adaptation, as for the game one we cannot remember any at all. It is pity, but HdO Adventure also doesn’t delight us with his Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.