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All My Gods game

All My Gods

Old and tired Saturn decides to retire and now he has to pick someone to get his place! Help Saturn's Son become a mighty god in new fantastic Strategy game under the title All My Gods! Prove that you are worth taking this place and that you deserve the trust of the council of all the Gods! Overcome all obstacles, get ready to receive powerful abilities and don't let the enemies stop you! Download All My Gods totally for free right now, start playing it and have fun!




We wish we had a device that would test this or that game all by itself, and then would declare the final result of game value. It would save our precious time and let us avoid disappointment. Until there is nothing like this, we will do this work to save you, our dear players, from such lame titles like today’s game by Realore – All My Gods... Read more

To begin with the plot of All My Gods, is rather fun with nice humor episodes. The story is dwells upon Saturn, one of the oldest gods of Rome, who decides to retire and give his power to his son. But the son must prove that he is worthy. So, it’s your job to build a thriving civilization and become the next governor. The plot narrates as good as it possible for this sort of games.

As for the other features,  All My Gods is shown as an ordinary city-building sim game that will be pretty familiar for those who have ever tried installments like Sim City. It has all standard points, but the mechanic is still rather solid, the controls are easy to learn, so the game might capture you for several hours. As soon as you note that the gameplay is too slow and the hand-holding policy there starts to get annoying after a while.

Instead of gorgeous artwork like with many modern other building games, you have to watch at very primitive graphics. After several minutes you will still get in to the way of this graphic style and even love it. Although the environments of this title look rather dated, the characters are all well-designed and well-animated.

Summing up, All My Gods is cute but – aside from some humorous comments and pretty illustrations – it has very little chance to stand out from the crowd of sibling games. With its easy-to-learn controls and low difficult level, this installment will be liked by the beginners.