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Moai: Build Your Dream game

Moai: Build Your Dream

Become the rescuer of the island people in the new spellbinding Time Management game Moai: Build Your Dream. The main hero of the game decided to cross the ocean in a hot-air balloon. But his balloon dropped in the ocean and the waves carried him to the unmapped island. The tribe which inhabits this island decided that he is the hero who would help them to restore life on their island. Help the main hero to return island to its prosperity by growing crops and planting trees in the new enthralling Time Management game Moai: Build Your Dream.




Along with ToyMan Interactive the famous studio Alawar Entertainment came up with extremely addictive and memorable Time Management game Moai: Build Your Dream. Have you ever dreamed about flying around the planet? This game makes your dream come true... Read more

Once upon a time the main character decided to travel the world on his hot-air balloon. But something went wrong and the balloon fell into the ocean. Don’t worry, he survived! And then began the adventures he couldn’t even imagine himself. Tribe people find him and take him to the island that eventually is not located on the map. If it was a terrifying hidden object pc game to play we would immediately get worried about the guy’s fate. But this time things go well: he is asked to restore the island and return it to its former glory and you’re the one to join him!

This is a simple Building installment, so your main job here is build, restore, plant, earn achievements etc. May seem boring and repetitive, but cartoonish style of images, clear scenes and fun videos keep you entertained through the game. We just wish the graphics were a little bit sharper. Plus the sound effects and music are quiet annoying.

Unfortunately there’s nothing innovative and creative in the game, but it doesn’t mean it’s bad and you should pass by. This is a solid and challenging adventure, beautiful and fun to play. If you are a beginner this is a good game to start with. Give Moai: Build Your Dream a try and perhaps it’ll end up in your list of good pc games to play.