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Dream Builder: Amusement Park game

Dream Builder: Amusement Park

Have you ever dreamed of inheriting your own Amusement Park? So, what will it look like? Of course, you will add there there best rides, decorations, shops and even more. Let your dreams come true in the new Time Management game - Dream Builder: Amusement Park! You can create the best amusement park as there are more than 50 rides and shops to build. Download this free building game titled Dream Builder: Amusement Park and build a real paradise for children and their parents!




The guys from Fugazo Studio never stop pleasing the fans of time management games with ever new brilliant installments! This time around you’re offered to build a fantastic amusement park with water slides, swings and other amazing attractions for both the young and adult visitors... Read more

The game unfolds in a pseudo 3D world with highly detailed colorful backgrounds, fun attractions and beautiful small houses, inhabited by cheerful and amusing characters. At the very beginning of the game, your park is able to attract only one kind of customer, but in just over half an hour you will be allowed to entice new people via the marketing tab. Just like in real life, in Dream Builder: Amusement Park you need to pay a high price for a good advertising. In general, Dream Builder: Amusement Park has two different in-game currencies, they are standard coins, for which you can buy new attractions, and pink hearts, which are used for research and to attract new customers. It isn’t difficult to guess that the hearts symbolize your customers’ satisfaction with your service, and are given if people visiting your amusement park leave happy.

As for the gameplay, Dream Builder: Amusement Park is a classic Tycoon game, so don’t expect it to be too ‘clicky’ or action paced. There is no need to do thousands of useless clicks to execute an order or to collect the earned coins. As the sole owner and manager of the theme park, you determine the fate of your institution, but do not need to do all the work yourself. Most of the time you’ll have to deal with the construction of new rides and decorations, the rest will be done by your employees, so get ready for building chores!

Speaking of construction, the selection of attractions and decorations you can build or buy is so wide, that soon you will forget which of them you already have. Of course, to unlock all the buildings available in the game, you need to spend tons of hearts, so be judicious! Even for all its beauty and greatness, an additional decoration is much less useful than, say, a new trampoline, forming a single zone with a lock. A zone, by the way, is a wonderful place with several themed rides, in which all the buildings bring increased revenue and attract significantly more visitors. In other words, if you wish to maximize your profits, have a good think about what strategy to choose!

In general, there’s nothing remarkable about Dream Builder: Amusement Park, which is not surprising, given that most modern time management games exploit the same unoriginal ideas. On the other hand, all aspects of the game from highly detailed and colorful graphics, to pleasant sound effects, almost unlimited freedom of choice and a huge variety of buildings available for construction in your amusement park, have made a pretty good impression on us. If you like Time Management games, Dream Builder: Amusement Park will definitely make your day. Have a nice weekend!