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Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Dynasty

Genre: Hidden Object

You are offered to make a journey to far China. Its history keeps thousands of legends, and one of them is the legend about Forgotten Dynasty. Its representatives have become notorious for their affairs on the black market. If you want to penetrate into the secret world of “black” business and aren't afraid to get into some dangerous or risky scrape, this game is what you expect. In Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Dynasty you'll find numerous, incredibly bright and picturesque, Hidden Object locations, which double the pleasure of the gameplay. You'll have to explore 25 colorful scenes and do your best to find more than 2000 hidden items. Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Dynasty is the game, which immerses you into the unforgettable mixture of intricate plot, brilliant graphics and addicting gameplay.

Title - Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Dynasty Game Download for PC Description - Become acquainted with Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Dynasty, a Hidden Object game presented by PopCap Games. Travel to China and come across with the black market dealers!
Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Dynasty game




Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Dynasty is the fourth chapter in the fame hidden object series from SpinTop Games that opens with a strange letter, asking you to spy out the secrets of ancient forgotten dynasty... Read more

The gameplay is pretty regular for this type of games, and mainly appeal to hidden object avid players. It means you won’t be made to explore any environments and you won’t be plunged in a solid or intricate storyline. You have just an ordinary in-game map, simple instructions where to go next and what to do, and have to complete one task after another finding hidden items, and learning some interesting facts about Chinese culture. In between each hidden object scenery, you are to play mini-games that unlock the other scene. Although there are a great variety of mini-puzzles, they are all standard, lacking for originality.

With 25 missions to complete, Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Dynasty offers just two or three hidden object scenes per mission and the same number of ordinary mini-games or puzzles. Sadly, the game’s artwork causes difficulties in some hidden object scenes as you try to find an item from the list, as there are a lot of dark hues that they tend to press on your eyes. Well, this is a kind of a trick to add on game difficulty, to make you use hints, and punish you for random clicks.

To put all and all together, from the adventure point of view Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Dynasty is a medium level title which doesn’t differ much from original gameplay formula. But from the hidden object point of view, the developers ought to have designed the scenes more careful. If you are keen on Amazing Adventure franchise or simple interested in the orient, probably you will find here plenty of fun and pleasure. Good luck! 

7, April 2011



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