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Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood game

Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood

Genre: Hidden Object

Take a fresh look at your favorite childhood story about Little Red Riding Hood in new exciting Hidden Object game under the title Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood from Skywind Games and Big Fish! Meet familiar characters and befriend new ones, pass this fascinating quest together. Explore the old cemetery, gather all the necessary items, uncover all the secrets! Challenging puzzles and mini-games will not let you get bored! Download it for free and plunge into an unforgettable adventure full of surprises with the game Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood!

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In our childhood, everything seems to be good and innocent and naïve, and we are not looking for anything bad and mysterious. For instance, we have fairytales. When we are children, we dream of knights and princesses and wizards, but we never know that there are many stories that are originally very dark and ominous, almost like horror stories. However, here we have a Hidden Object game which will show us a fairytale in a completely different light! It is called Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood, and it comes to us from a developing team under the name of Skywind Games. If you are ready for a dark and mysterious journey into the world of fairytales, join us in this scary adventure!.. Read more

And then, another feature according to which we value Hidden Object games is its gameplay. We will be sincere from the start - Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood is not a pure Hidden Objects game, it has some elements of puzzles and mini-games and adventure games.  Before you start, you will be able two levels of difficulty, which will affect how tough are the Hidden Objects scenes, recharging of the hints etc. First of all, Hidden Object scenes work as usual, you will get a list of object that you will have to find. This will sometimes prove to be a very difficult task, as they tend to disappear in the dark background. Sometimes, you will get objects that need to be connected, almost being interactive. Puzzles are intertwined with Hidden Object games, and once you collect all the needed items, you will play a mini game which needs to be completed in order for you to proceed in the game. You will have the ability to use the journal, which holds all the information you need, and if you get stuck you can use the rechargeable hints.  All the Hidden Object games, puzzles and mini games are all done exquisitely nice, but very safe, in that sense that nothing is bad, but also, nothing is revolutionary.

When it comes to graphics and music, you will be astonished how good they are in Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood. If you try out the one-hour free trial version, you will wish to download and play the full version of the game, which is available for purchase. Then you will unlimitedly enjoy in this unbelievable audio and visual experience! The backgrounds are spectacular, everything is stunning, and it is beautiful to look at. Music is nice, it fits the atmosphere.

To sum up, Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood is a great mixture of Hidden Object game with Puzzles and Adventures, which will win you over with its great graphics, enchanting music, dark and ominous original storyline and standard good gameplay… Enjoy this game and tell all your friends about it!