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The Lake House: Children of Silence Collector's Edition game

The Lake House: Children of Silence Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Go to the dangerous but exciting adventure in new Hidden Object game The Lake House. Children of Silence! Here you will meet one young man named Henry and help him to find his beloved Anne. Get ready to discover the old secrets and a lot of intricate mysteries related to this girl. In a strange foggy city, where you will go, you will have to solve challenging puzzles, play mini-games and more. Find the answers to all the questions and reunite these two beloved. You can now download The Lake House. Children of Silence right now and totally for free and start playing it right away! Best of luck

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This game is also available for : iPad & iPhone





Welcome to the new game Lake House: Children of Silence! This one has been given to us by an incredible game developer Alawar Entertainment, whose competence is definitely beyond perfect... Read more

Let’s start with the plot. We all have skeletons in the closet. For example the Henry’s bride named Anne. Her little brother Tommy disappeared many years ago, when they both were little kids. And now, suddenly, through the haze of the past mysterious killer in favorite Tommy’s mask erupts and kidnaps Ann. The main idea of a game Lake House: Children of Silence, which we are gonna talk about, is how close interconnection between threads of the past and the present can be.

The mysterious story of Lake House: Children of Silence is presented as some sort of collage, cut-scenes, journals and old movies. All this creates a dual, somewhat frightening experience about the brother and sister’s childhood. Graphics of the game is made in 2D, and if you think that this technique is obsolete and doesn’t work well today, I’ll tell you otherwise. The way the characters talk or the way the parts of a single object connect is simply amazing! For example, when I found the key to unlock the gate, where the guards were cupids, the door didn’t just open - these little cupids lit their arrows and shot the chain on the gate. Simple and stunning!

The game has many small features that together make the splendor of the game: it’s gloomy piano sounds that are implemented in the soundtrack, and the veil of fog, spread throughout the whole expanse of the game. Abandoned city is teeming with beautiful views. Just remember a moored boat, an abandoned store with masks or the same dilapidated theater that is wounded with huge tree branches. It is a pleasure to explore these places. They reminded me my favorite scary movie Silent Hill: Tommy dementedness and his strange and scary pictures, from which comes a goose-flesh.

I think everyone would agree that the story with regards to the gameplay does not play a big role in the lack of puzzles and locations with hidden objects. Fortunately, in the game Lake House: Children of Silence they are perfectly combined with each other: nothing to complain about! Frankly I think the puzzles in this game are the best I ever saw in my life. They are interesting and quite complex and that’s what makes them! There are plenty of mini-games of all kinds from strategic to adventure ones!  Connect the dots between lines, help a statue to reach dimly lit doll house, avoiding foul snakes and dangerous gorillas! Probably for many players some of the puzzles and mini-games may seem a little overwhelming, so if you get stuck, don’t hesitate to use the hints!

However, the game has the perfect balance between the Hidden Object scenes and puzzles. The first don’t distract, on a contrary, they are like a nice addition to the main adventure. You will find interactive objects, such as a suitcase or hourglass that can be broken with a hammer. The further you go, the harder the puzzles become.  By the way a lot of puzzles’ solutions in the game depend on the logic skills.

Fortunately, there is a map where are not finished tasks are marked. The duration of the game lasts for six hours, without talking about the four bonus chapters attached to the collector’s edition. Coming up very close to an exciting climax, you do not burn yourself restrain randomly clicking on things, wanting to learn quickly what’s all over!

It won’t be that easy to let Lake House: Children of Silence go after you get to the ending, because there’ll be still a lot to discover! Lake House: Children of Silence is a great adventure game. It perfectly combines all of the entertaining ties, lots of colorful locations to puzzles and unforgettable stories of Ann and Tommy. Lake House: Children of Silence is also a brand new game with stunningly realized Hidden Object scenes. This game won’t leave anyone indifferent!