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Amusement World! game

Amusement World!

Genre: Hidden Object

It’s for sure everyone dreams from time to time about some splendid boulevard or grand amusement park. If your dreams occur more often, you should immediately download and play Amusement World! This game is the of the grandest carnivals and stunning amusement parks in the monitor of your computer. Here for sure you will find any sport game you like: from skee-ball and dart throwing to shooting. Four lands wait for your conquering. Each land differ from another one by interesting theme and extraordinary characters. Try Amusement World in perfect hidden-object scenes, games and puzzles and you will never regret!




A brand new Hidden Object game under the title Amusement World! comes straight to you from the renowned developer of Hidden Object games and Puzzle games called Head Right games. You can embark on a unforgettable journey through The Amusement World! and visit different and exciting locations like the pirate land or super hero land etc... Read more

As title suggests, the plot of this game is based on the events taking place in the amusement park, but there is not much to the storyline itself, so if this is the main reason you purchased this game or downloaded the free trial version, you might be disappointed. All that may be worth in the story is the feeling of revisiting the childhood, the feeling of nice nostalgia. On the other hand, prepare to be absolutely thrilled with the variety of challenges that are set for you in this game. Although The Amusement World! is described as a Hidden object game, it is more accurate to say that this game is an original mixture of a puzzle game, a hidden object game and a bunch of other, a bit nostalgic mini-games. This is what this game is all about! Sure, you have already seen the hidden object tasks and you have solved many puzzles, but we bet that you will have a lot of fun playing 6 different mini-games, including the Skee Ball, Shipwreck’d, Joker Toss and many others…

If you decide to download and play this game, you will be offered to play either in Casual mode or in Expert mode. The Casual mode comes in handy if you purchased this game for your kids, since once they get stuck, you can switch to the Casual mode, where only 1 star is needed to pass the challenge. One of the greatest values of this game is the re-play value, which allows you to go through the same game all over again, but on the Expert level, have awesome time again, and try to achieve 3 stars on all mini-games and set all the highscores!

The graphics in Amusement World! are awesome and very polished for the game of this genre. The colors used to depict the locations are vivid and lively, which fits the general feel of the amusement parks. Also, a lot of care was obviously dedicated to the little details, so you will not be disappointed with the level of details in the hidden object games. The sound in this game is very well done, the sound effects are great, and the music is just like it should be for this game - fun!

System requirements for this game are really not high, so you can play this game even on some old computers, provided that your PC is running on Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. One hour free trial is there to show you all the best features of Amusement World! and if you get addicted to this game, you may purchase and download the full unlimited version of the game.

To sum up, Amusement World! is a game with which Head Right Games tried to change the pattern and improve the old recipe for Hidden Object games, and it can be said that they succeeded in doing it! Trust us, if you want hours of fun, download the trial version or purchase the full version of Amusement World! and dive deep into the ocean of interesting mini-games, brain-teasing logic puzzles and hidden objects that are waiting to be found! You won’t be disappointed by this excellent Hidden Object/Puzzle game!