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Ancient Adventures - Gift of Zeus

Genre: Hidden Object

Set out on your journey to Ancient Greece and find the amazing Gift of Zeus in the new fascinating hidden object game Ancient Adventures - Gift of Zeus! Help the main heroine of the game to reveal the mysteries of the ancient Athens’ catacombs and gather all precious pearls, which are charged to protect the gods! Download free new fantastic hidden object game Ancient Adventures - Gift of Zeus and enjoy beautiful graphics and exciting gameplay! Good luck!

Title - Ancient Adventures - Gift of Zeus Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Give a glance at Ancient Adventures - Gift of Zeus, a Hidden Object game released by Teleport Games. Help the main heroine to revel the mysteries of the ancient Athens’ catacombs!
Ancient Adventures - Gift of Zeus game
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If you need help in solving a certain puzzle or finding a quest item, you can download for free our strategy guide for Ancient Adventures - Gift of Zeus. Get a detailed walkthrough on how to complete all levels without missing a single secret option of the game absolutelly for free!




Ancient Adventures - Gift of Zeus by developers Teleport Games is a fun title but largely partakes of the well-known hidden object Samantha Swift and The Golden Touch... Read more

Anyway, we enjoy the wide variety of types of hidden object puzzles and mini-games, even through all tasks are very handy there. You get a classical shop list of items for searching, sometimes you are asked to spot the differences or solve interactive puzzles. Although the graphics are in a cartoon style with bright colors and accurate shapes, the size of some objects is too small. Because of some tiny items, you cannot avoid misclicks that are unpleasantly penalized.

Also, Ancient Adventures - Gift of Zeus sometimes takes you back to a scene more than once, keep you exploring one and the same scene. Don’t you find it boring? Some of us really do. Honestly, there are several irritating bugs, for instance, you finish a mini-game, the game feels like it hangs just for a split second, and gives you that feeling like it wants to crack. If you are not interested in storyline very much, you are allowed to skip all its cut-scenes as well as mini-games. The music background, sadly, is always annoying because it repeats from once scene to another. However, the sound effects like birds twittering in some scenes are quite vivid.

Apart from the monotonous music we really hate the yawning girl in the left hand corner of the screen. She is groaning and yawning all the time that you will be on the brink of hitting her and help her wake up finally. All in all, Ancient Adventures - Gift of Zeus is not bad at all if you turn off the sound.   

24, June 2010



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