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Bella Design game

Bella Design

Genre: Time Management

Discover the wonderful world of fashion in the new Bella Design game. Create a chain of fashion boutiques and make your mark in this wonderful business. There will be exquisite accessories, elegant dresses and luxurious jewelry. And your boutiques will be visited by fashion-conscious men and women of all types, from ordinary people to real celebrities. And each of them has their own character, tastes and preferences. It won't be easy to please them all, but the challenge will be captivating!




Seems like Time Managements games are conquering the world of pc/mac installments. Developers create them one by one and some of these simulations and resource management adventures get more popular with every day. Bella Desing – is one of those games that saw the light quiet recently... Read more

Bella Design, developed by Sugar Games, opens us the door to the world of fashion, style, accessories, dresses and dressing rooms. Bella, the main character, has her own boutique with trendy outfits for everyone. This kind of business is not easy to run so the girl needs your help. Together you will serve the customers, some of them will be even celebrities, create a chain of boutiques, hire new staff and more. This is really fun! Gameplay is very captivating, there’s always a goal to achieve and upgrade to earn. Definitely not just a boring Dash game fro pc/mac.

You’ll have to overcome more than fifty different exciting levels, each of them contains mini-games levels, tasks to earn tokens and some levels where you get to spend some money and decorate your shops. Graphics in this game is nothing spectacular, but clear and colorful. Characters are cute, dresses and outfits are pretty. Sound effects are nice and pleasant, music is not distracting. This is a good girly game, even though it has some old-school elements it still can be enjoyable.

Don’t ever underestimate Time Management games, there are so many decent games. Bella Desing ins a great example and also a proof that TM games can be popular and loved. We believe you download this fun pc game and will play it over and over.