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Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows game

Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows

Genre: Hidden Object

Play new exciting game - Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows and reveal the secret of a Sasquatch. Does this creature really exist or is it just vaporific conjectures? Yeti comes from the forest because of environment desaster near his inhabitation — nature reservation. Help a little girl, Linda, who once noticed a Bigfoot in her backyard, clear this catastrophic situation with chemical pollution and the Yeti's seсret. Puzzle and hidden object mix will diversify the gameplay and entertain you for sure.




Those, who fed up with demons, ghosts, old mansions and numerous farms with hens and cows will certainly be pleased to know that finally a game of a new generation is presented to us by Reflexive Entertainment. This is a new Hidden Object Adventure under the title Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows!.. Read more

As you’ve already understood the main character of the game is probably the most mysterious hero of American folklore ― Yeti. 

The citizens of a small city are seriously worried about the environmental situation in the region and require to close the local chemical plant. They say that even the Sasquatch came out of the forest and settled near the city. The young journalist Linda doesn’t believe in this myth until she discovers one of these mythical animals in the backyard of her own home.

The gamer has to resolve the situation with the chemical plant, save poor animals including the Yeti and nature reserve. In short, you have as usual to save the whole world. 

Developers placed their bets on some new twists and…. lost. The new search system is the first new feature of the game. The objects from the item list are situated in different locations, what is actually not so bad, except one little problem. The downloading of each location can last for ages!

The saving of experimental animals is the second new feature of the game. Do you still remember tamagotchi? You had to feed him all the time, play with him, teach him, and all the time this animal strove to fall ill or even to die. In Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows all these experimental animals are just like tamagotchi - you have to take care of them during the whole game. And all your efforts is to get some hints! At first it even seems funny, but when you return for the third time to the lab, the cruel thought to let all these guinea pigs die occurs to your head.

Graphically the game is above the average. We could even ignore stupid dialogs (thank God it is skippable), but we have to note awful voice acting and repulsive characters.

All in all, we don’t believe that Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows will enjoy the fans of hidden object genre, may be it’ll please some of them who liked tamagotchi and could accept the dead of little electronic friend.