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Living Legends: Ice Rose Collector's Edition game

Living Legends: Ice Rose Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

All the amateurs of Hidden Object games, Welcome to the new adventure Living Legends: Ice Rose! This is a fantastic edition full of mysteries, challenging puzzles and secrets. Go to the Rosemount and help a novelist Edward Grand reveal the truth about the terrifying tragedy that took place in this town and collect some facts for new book. You are going to explore gorgeous scenes of the Ice Queen's Castle while looking for helpful items. Download totally for free Living Legends: Ice Rose, join Edward and save the day! Good luck!




Living Legends: Ice Rose is a modern tale of the Ice Queen who has abducted your boy-friend Edward and wants to turn the whole world into a giant piece of ice. What did Big Fish Games this time around? Did they do anything worthy or not? Let’s see….. Read more

Starting with the storyline, it is no different to many others but this one is set in the best cold and snow settings you will ever see. The snow-covered village is like a wonderful frosted cake, with a bunch of picturesque scenes. Surely, the developers did their best, creating these astonishing environments and amazing hidden object scenes. This is the case when good graphics will be enough to win many players’ hearts, regardless of the weak gameplay.

For those who are looking for a challenge, Living Legends: Ice Rose is very easy and no different to other installments of this type, and may disappoint them. However, less strict gamers will enjoy its skillful artwork, if they forget about such issues as unimaginative puzzles and repetition. Not only are the setting and characters a little too trite, the puzzles too feel like things we have dealt with a hundred times before. This is a really very beautiful but simple game, where you needn’t lots of thinking, basic ability of puzzle-solving will be enough there.   

Despite this plain gameplay, Living Legends: Ice Rose is highly playable due to its remarkable scenes. Honestly, there are many reason to criticize this title but neither its unoriginal puzzles nor the lack of twists deter us. This time we give up nitpicking in order just to let you savor the white-snow illustrations.

Sadly, this title was released after winter holiday season. If Living Legends: Ice Rose had been launched a little bit earlier, it would have attracted more players.