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Living Legends: Frozen Beauty. Collector's Edition game

Living Legends: Frozen Beauty. Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

The new fabulous Hidden object game Living Legends: Snow Beauty gives you a unique opportunity to be the part of the legendary fairy tale. The Snow Queen kidnapps your sister in order to get the successor. You’ve taken care of your younger sister ever since you were the children. Now your sister is under the influence of Queen’s magic and she has no idea of what price she must pay for eternal life and beauty. Uncover all the mysteries and don’t let your younger sister to stay in eternal Queen’s capture.



Living Legens: Frozen Beauty, developed by 4 Friends Games, is one of those incredible pc/mac games that give us a great opportunity to step into the world of fairytales. As a sequel to Ice Rose this part is similar to its predecessor, they basically look the same and have the same gameplay, yet it has many innovations and pleasant surprises. .. Read more

From the first look it may really seem like the developers just added a few new characters and pretended they made a new game. But don’t rush to the conclusions too fast. The storyline is absolutely new. Here you need to save your younger sister that fell under the influence of the Evil Queen. You get to explore different fantastic worlds, meet fantasy characters that turn to be very useful after you help them perform random tasks. Game’s gameplay overall is nothing new and innovative, plus it’s rather easy.

Stunning artwork and mindblowing graphics are what can make the gamers go ‘wow’ and continue to play the game despite the basic mechanics. The choice of colors is epic and kinda specific due to the ice themed story, scenes are clear, colorful and very bright. Soundtrack is relaxing and just magical, perfectly fits the mood and atmosphere of the whole game.

Frozen Beauty offers us two types of hidden object scenes: the regular and the second one where you must find the item’s silhouettes in order to reveal and pick up a new item. We find it very entertaining and a bit innovative. Meanwhile we wish we could say the same about the puzzles – they are simple and don’t bring anything original, but there’s an useful reset button in case you get stuck and would want to start all over again. The biggest disappointment of this game is its length – only two hours.

Living Legends Frozen Beauty is not a bad game, we just wanted it to be more original and longer. There’s a big chance some of you might enjoy this game and even add it to the list of top pc/mac games, so don’t waste any more time, download it for free and have fun.