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Living Legends: Wrath of the Beast

Genre: Hidden Object

Bear attacks have increased since Goldilocks, the hero of Fortress, passed away three years ago. As her only son, you've taken on her legacy to protect the village and keep its people safe. Explore mountainous forests, snowy cliffs, and remote castles to uncover the truth behind the history of the village and unlock the secret of the magical bears who roam deep in the forest. What's causing the bears to suddenly attack? Your mother's diary may hold the answer, but will you survive long enough to read her final chapter? Find out in this captivating Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Title - Living Legends: Wrath of the Beast Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Revel in Living Legends: Wrath of the Beast, a Hidden Object game projected by Big Fish Games. Explore mountainous forests and remote castles to uncover the truth behind the history of the village.




In the beginning of 2015 the 4 Friends Games studio released a wonderful sequel for the Living Legends series and titled it Wrath Of The Beast. As the third installment in the snow themed franchise this game hasn’t improved much, unfortunately... Read more

Well, the plot is still the same old story about bear attacks that threaten the city. You need to be familiar with two previous games’ storylines in order to understand who is who and what’s going on.  Your mother, Goldilocks was the one who could stop the bears’ attacks, but she died so you become the only one who can reveal her secrets and learn your mother’s skills. However the more you play the more confusing and unexplainable things get. Anyway, a few plot holes are probably the only weak aspect in this game for pc.

Despite the mistakes in the storyline the visual side of this game is quite impressive, the graphics got much brighter and clearer and certainly sharper. Along with the stunning graphics and gorgeous locations comes not less impressive soundtrack that contains a lot of relaxing and beautiful melodies. Background music is also very nice, but monotone sometimes. Characters’ animations are not perfect, and sometimes it looks like they are not moving during the conversations. But in our opinion that doesn’t make this game any worse.

Gameplay in Wrath of The Beast is entertaining, hooking and addictive, though not very challenging. This is a pure hidden object game with multiple locations, hidden object scenes, items to find and collect etc. Puzzles are various, come in different types and some of them are fresh and amazing. But even with all that this game has taken us only about 4 hours to finish, the bonus chapter adds 45 more minutes to pass through. The contents of Collectors Edition are satisfying and include strategy guide, soundtracks, concept art and more.

So, Living Legends: Wrath of the Beast is a decent and almost flawless hidden object game for mac and pc. We hope the next time the studio releases a new sequel they would pay more attention to the storyline.

10, July 2015



Path of Sin: Greed

Expires in 1566802800

Lost Lands: The Golden Curse

Expires in 26 Aug 2019


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