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Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition game

Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Explore the mysterious and wonderful world of the planet Botanica in new entertaining and unique Hidden Object game titled Botanica: Into the Unknown! Being a skilled Dr. Ellie Wright you have to explore this exotic place and outsmart the Queen Kassandra! Meet amazing creatures, avoid your enemies and make new friends. Navigating through lush forests and steampunk villages is gonna be very exciting! Download Botanica: Into the Unknown totally for free, reveal all secrets of this world and come back home. Good luck!

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Mysteries and secrets are not only waiting for us in some detective stories and fiction books, but also in nature. Nature itself is maybe the biggest mystery of mankind, and this is exactly what this brand new Hidden Object game coming from the developing team called BoomZap is all about. Botanica: Into the Unknown is a beautiful Hidden Object game that will present us many mysteries and wonders of the world of nature and it will lead us to an incredible journey of adventure and fun! If you are eager to find more about it, then read the rest of the review!.. Read more

Botanica: Into the Unknown is a single player Hidden Object game that takes straight into the core of mysteries of nature, and it does that by using elements of Adventure and Puzzle games. Its very interesting feature, the gameplay, will be probably enough to persuade you to download the game and play either in the free trial version or to purchase it and play the full version. However, we will describe the gameplay furthermore. There are 3 levels of difficulty, to start with, and those are easy, normal and hard. The options in the game are really good, as you can adjust sound, music volume, voice, screen size, cursor and achievement notification!  As for the core of the gameplay itself, it consists of blended Hidden Object scenes, interactive objects, puzzles and mini-games, all that in an easy and effortless manner which makes it fun and enjoyable. Hidden Object scenes are different than usual: you don’t just find and click on the objects, now you have to find them in certain order, or do something with them to make them activate, or just combine them. For example, to get the sun, you first sharpen your pen, and then combine pen and paper! As for the puzzles and mini games, they are just awesome! You will be aligning rings, connecting wires, weighing fruit, and many other, both new and old puzzles and mini games! There is also a lot of fun stuff to do, like riding the dragonfly, finding collectible bugs and unlocking achievements! Of course, there is a hint system, there is a map and a tablet journal, helping you whenever you get stuck.

But it is not only the gameplay that makes this game so good, it is also the storyline. The plot in Botanica: Into the Unknown is immersive and original: You take control of Dr Wright’s daughter, whose father had been telling her stories about unexplained phenomena and mysteries of nature and gave her a piece of advice to always expect the unexpected. However, one time, while on research, he got lost in an earthquake. Years later, you are exploring some mystical environment and you discover a portal in a cave! Can you guess where it leads? The plot sure is great, and it will make you love the game!

Both music and graphics in Botanica: Into the Unknown are exceptional, and there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy the audio-visual experience! The graphics are stunning, scenes are beautifully designed, but characters could be designed a bit better. The music is really relaxing, it that typical music for enjoying the atmosphere created, and sound effects help you feel the nature in the game.

Botanica: Into the Unknown, overall, is a great Hidden Object/Puzzle/Adventure game that will occupy you for six hours or more, and you won’t be able to let go of it, because it is so addictive, the graphics are stunning, the music is relaxing, the gameplay is fun and interesting and the storyline is immersive! Download it, play the free trial version, or purchase the full version and enjoy the game!