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Dream Inn: The Driftwood game

Dream Inn: The Driftwood

Genre: Hidden Object

If you're tired of the city fuss, and the atmosphere of a metropolis ails you, welcome to a seaside! Dream Inn: The Driftwood by Crown ADAM AG is an upcoming game, which immerses you into the picturesque and pacified environment. The Driftwood Inn is a cosy hotel, which was built many years ago, in the 1940s. Today it needs renewal in order to be in-demand with its visitors again. You are going to have unforgettable time while exploring the colorful locations of the old inn and breathing new life into its numerous rooms.




HOG market teems with the storylines about kidnapped children, murdered people, vampires, memory loss, mortal experiments… Do you want to divert your attention away from the scenes of violence and to play not to rattle nerves or to fear, but just to enjoy and to get delight of the gameplay? Try Dream Inn: The Driftwood by Crown ADAM AG. It is worth paying attention to at least due to the fact that there is no bloody scene! However, if you are looking for adrenaline buzz, it’s not the game for you alas... Read more

You’ve embodied your dream to own a seaside inn, but it’s out of condition. Your game challenge is to restore the dwindling house following the amusing hostess’s instructions. This old lady is a bit irritative at times, but aged people can be forgiven for their tinny voice or excessive importunity, right? One of the peculiarities of the gameplay is that you are awaited by three games in each of 16 awash rooms. In the first one you must find hidden things (of course, it’s a HOG!). Then, in the second game, you bring the objects back to the rooms they belong to. You can do this only when all the objects are found, ‘cause the rooms are locked before. The third game represents a typical looking for the listed items, such as trophies, teapots an so on. When the three games in a room are over, the room can be let.

The artwork can be called one of the most memorizable characteristics of Dream Inn: The Driftwood. Crisp and clear locations, no dreary or dark backgrounds speak well for the graphical designers. The inn manager’s character is a little bit cartoonish though, but the landlady is depicted as a lively and brisk one. As for the music in Dream Inn: The Driftwood game, it is very pleasant and cheerful and the scenes are gone along with active sounds.

Playing Dream Inn: The Driftwood, you realize that there is no need to tell about murders, thefts, ghosts and whatever to be an eye-catching and addicting game. It will meet tastes of both newcomers and genre veterans for sure due to the brilliant combination of all the basic game characteristics.