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Bubble Pirate Quest game

Bubble Pirate Quest


Looking for a new Facebook game to kill a couple of boring hours? You’ve just found what you need! The name of this game speaks for itself, so we won’t delve into great detail. If you like bubble shooters, why not to try the latest Murzik’s creation under the title Bubble Pirate Quest? Just launch the game, and you’ll see what it is worth! Combining an exciting pirate theme with colorful graphics, this game is doomed to win your heart! To start with, Bubble Pirate Quest has everything a modern game must have. It has a wide variety of useful bonuses and improvements, some of which can be bought for premium currency, brilliant graphics, the ability to communicate with your Facebook friends within the game and much more. If you often spend your spare time, chatting or playing with your buddies over the Internet, Bubble Quest Pirate is sure to appeal to you! It will not demand many efforts from you in the course of the gameplay, and yet it is exciting enough to capture your attention! First, there is a huge diversity of purchasable power-ups. Second, you have the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’, which means that you can get access to some premium content absolutely for free. Third, though the graphics are primitive, the bright colors and quaint style are certainly pleasing to the eye. And last but not least, there are several unique features that might be of interest to you. For example, to successfully complete a level, you need not only to remove all the bubbles from the board, but also to earn at least one star in the achievement system. The number of points you earn during the level depends on many factors, so you will need to use all your logical skills in order to achieve the best result. Start playing Bubble Pirate Quest right now to plunge into the world of fascinating adventures, feel like a real pirate and show your friends what you can! Good luck to you, our fearless friends!