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Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Plunge into the mystical adventure in the new creepy Hidden object game Grim Tales: Bloody Mary. You are going to find out what is going on in the school where all the adults have disappeared and children behave weird. Does it have something to do with Bloody Merry? Embark on the gloomy atmosphere of the game which will keep you in suspense throughout all the walkthrough. Uncover the mystery of Bloody Mary and the strange events which occurred in the private school.

Title - Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Try your hand over Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition, a Hidden Object game developed by Elephant Games. Reveal if Bloody Mary has something to do with strange events in one private school.
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Bloody Mary is such an iconic figure in Western folklore that happens to be a ghost to appear in the mirror after you pronounce her name at least three times. Yet the developers never used this character in their games. And then Elephant Games got in charge and presented an epic hidden object pc/mac game Grim Tales: Bloody Mary!.. Read more

This installment is already the 5th in the Grim Tales series, and as you have guessed based on the legends about Bloody Mary. This game has no connection to the previous ones in the series so we’ve got an absolutely new story. Your main mission here is to find out why children’s behavior got weird and where the hell did all the adults disappear? This might be the creepiest story we ever get to go through and probably the creepiest from Elephant Games. The environment is very gloomy, dark and shadowy. You definitely will be scared so make sure if you can take this kind of thing first.

All games from this studio are always gorgeous and top quality, Grim Tales 5 doesn’t disappoint us either. All scenes look fantastic, characters’ animations are done very well, artwork is detailed and simply mesmerizing. Charming and at the same time kind of spooky music effects create the special atmosphere and sometimes even make us forget that we are playing the game because it all looks like a horror movie.

The gameplay in this game deserves 4 stars of 5 but only because of the lack of originality. Anyway we really enjoyed all the puzzles and mini-games. Some puzzles tell us a backstory, which we really liked. Also a special thank you goes to the creators for the interactive and handy jump-map, something not all games have to offer.

All in all Grim Tales: Bloody Mary is an excellent game with stunning graphics, original storyline and creative, though not innovative gameplay. Download free pc game now and treat yourself, you deserve that!

4, July 2015


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